For people who are exhausted or uninspired by the state of their homes (or lives) to create rejuvenating, stress-free, easy-to-maintain spaces that reflect and enable them to be the person they want to be... so they can focus on what truly matters in life!


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"I tell everyone to take this course. It is life- changing. If feels essential to everyone."


Your home is a reflection of your life. 

It is difficult to live a happy, vibrant, thriving life when your space is holding you back, keeping you stuck. This is exactly what your space tends to do, not only because it is a reflection of who you have been--not who you WANT TO BE--but also because of all the things you own that you don’t love. These things weigh you down and make it difficult to feel motivated, inspired, happy.

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"TRULY LIBERATING... I really enjoy the feeling of freedom from not being weighed down by all these things. I realize now that I used to feel guilty not using the things that I have. I live a life now that is more free and less guilt ridden."


Nearly every one of us has more things than we can ever appreciate in this lifetime, with more coming in each day.

This slow accumulation of things adds to the weight that holds you back, ties you down, makes you feel stuck in one place.

Think about who you want to be--the best version of yourself.

What would your life look like if your utmost goal were to be happy?

How would you spend your precious time?

Maybe here...

views from redfish.jpg

Or here...

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It is only when YOU are happy, that you can truly SPREAD JOY to the people around you.

Take a look at the space around you.

Does it reflect the person you want to be? Does it reflect your joy?

Is it peaceful? Comforting? Energizing? Inspiring? Inviting? Spacious?

Be honest. 

Feng Shui is the powerful practice of creating a space that is a reflection of the life you want. To access the full potential of this ancient tradition, you must begin by allowing energy to flow.

This most basic practice in Feng Shui will unlock your ability to create the space that is easy-to-maintain, that brings you joy, that functions beautifully, that flows and allows energy and opportunity into your life.


Clutter weighs down your energetic and physical body. It overwhelms, exhausts, sucks your motivation, clouds your vision so you cannot see clearly.




Have you ever gotten home to a space that drained you the second you walked in: with surfaces cluttered & infinite things to-do popping into your mind everywhere you look?

Have you ever been so distracted by the state of your space that you haven’t been able to accomplish the task at hand or be present with your loved ones?

Have you ever felt immense frustration as you endlessly pick up the stuff in your space?

Do you feel like your life is so busy, so full, that you have time only to put out fires, rather than moving forward with what you really want to accomplish?

Have you ever felt like when your house is finally clean, it takes mere hours or days for it to devolve back into cluttered chaos?

Have you ever felt so stuck in life that you can’t move forward, can’t make a decision, can’t see your path ahead with any clarity?


Even though I had been studying Feng Shui for years and knew how a cluttered space led to a cluttered life, my spaces easily devolved into chaos: papers, tchotchkes, mementos and books, collecting dust on surfaces, blending into the background so I didn’t even see them anymore.

It’s not like I was a hoarder, far from it actually, my spaces were beautiful and organized. Every little space had a purpose, housed something that fit perfectly into it.

And I was quite attached to my things, thank you very much.

My parents divorce in high school inspired in me a particular dependence on my things. They were a source of comfort and stability. They were always there.

It wasn’t until YEARS later, after countless moves--paying to haul my stuff from one place to the next--and a decade of study in Feng Shui & supportive spaces, systems of organization and constant purging, that I realized my things were holding me back, making life more difficult EVERY DAY than it needed to be.

More specifically... the things that didn’t make me happy, but I held on to nonetheless, those were the the things that held me back in life.

Rather than making my life easier or happier, my things were dragging me down, draining my life of time and energy.


I was constantly in a state of frustration when I picked up around my house, blaming the people around me for the state of my space and my frustration, rather than shining the spotlight on me and the things from my past that no longer served me, that it was time to let go of.

No matter how organized my space was, no matter how much time I spent purging, my space would easily devolve into a mess that took way too long to clean up.

My things drained my time and energy: fixing them, cleaning them, finding homes for them, organizing them, putting them away. And that doesn’t even include all the time I spent thinking about fixing, cleaning, finding homes for, organizing and putting these things away--which was significant! I spent way more time attending to these things than I ever cared to realize.

Then I had kids. That’s when I realized I’d had it easy!

Now that there are four people in our home who own things, take things out, break things, want things and leave things where they don’t belongI am SO INFINITELY THANKFUL to have discovered the key to unlocking the frustration I felt in my home.

PC hwy old convertable CR.jpg


I would spend an evening cleaning up, fixing things, dealing with my stuff, rather than getting out to connect with friends and loved ones.

And if I didn’t, when I came back home to see my space in a state of cluttered confusion, my energy levels would immediately drop.

That exhaustion and overwhelm come from being surrounded by far too many things... things that did not bring me joy.

It didn’t matter how organized I was, my space would devolve just the same.

I had been searching for someone to tell me the right number of things to own or the right way to store my things.

Turns out, there is no right number. It is simply a matter of surrounding yourself ONLY by what brings you joy. (Thank you Marie Kondo! Her system is indeed magic and life-changing.)


I feel lots of shifts in MANY parts of my life. I feel clearer, more efficient, like I can manage more with ease.


Culling down my possessions to ONLY the things that make me happy, means not only is my home incredibly easy to maintain (even with 2 small children), but it is infinitely more easy see the joy in my life, in every moment.

Hear how the course helped these 2 past participants in easing anxiety, making more time for what really matters and moving past old hurts. 

+ Why the investment helps you get results & How the course nearly paid for itself!!

It makes the Feng Shui work I do in my own home & with clients infinitely more powerful.

  • Ready for the right relationship? Done.

  • Looking to bring more work in and boost your abundance? No problem.

  • Need new opportunity in your work life? Here are three amazing options.

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  • Life feels so much more spacious (and so does your space).

  • Life feels so much easier (and you can be at ease in your space).

  • You see clearly what is important to you and you make time for those things (just like you made space for the loved items in your home).

Feng Shui opens up a world of possibility to ALLOW life TO flow, just the way you want it to.



"I really wanted a shift in my life. But I was looking for external things to make that shift. As I was going through the course, I kept realizing I needed to discard my own stuff first: work on my own 'stuff' rather than trying to achieve happiness from outer sources."

"Tenaya takes something that is really difficult and makes clearly obtainable. After 10-weeks, I touched nearly everything in my house. Being surrounded only by things that spark joy makes me so much happier."

--Asia Plowman

Here’s the thing. While it’s simple to surround yourself ONLY by what you love, it’s not always EASY. It takes time, discipline, perseverance, guidance, and clarity on your end goal.

These things are not always readily available to you when your space and life are stuck.

You hit blocks along the way.

Turns out, sometimes we’re attached to things that don’t bring us joy.

While I certainly recommend reading about the decluttering method I use in the course (in Marie Kondo's book: the life-changing magic of tidying up), and it may inspire you to begin the once in a lifetime decluttering event, most people who begin on their own, don’t ever finish the process.

When you dabble in organizing and clearing, without fully immersing and committing to the process that will enable you to NEVER declutter again, you end up right where you started: with a home that takes WAY TOO MUCH TIME to maintain, and a lot of frustration at how stuck you feel: in your space and in your life.

Turns out, accountability and support are INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. Statistically, without them, it’s incredibly difficult to create such a transformation. Know why?


We often touch on something deep that needs attention before we can move on and continue to make progress. This can be debilitating or it can feel like a bump in the road, depending on the support you have access to, the community you are surrounded by

To be successful, you have to...

  1. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS about how your home should make you feel. Know that your space can actively support you on this journey... or actively make life more difficult.

  2. KNOW WHAT IS BLOCKING YOU and get PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK. You need someone experienced enough to find the blocks, the habits and patterns, that have been holding you back, often for years.

  3. IMMERSE YOURSELF. Surround yourself by a community of people who are shifting and growing and changing... who understand and can help you achieve powerful transformation.

You have to be ALL IN. 

  • 99% is hard: frustrating, exhausting. 

  • 100% is easy: aligned, inspired, energized.

When you enroll in CLEAR YOUR SPACE, CLEAR YOUR MIND,  that is exactly what you are signing up for: the support, accountability, perspective and expertise you will need to create a space that supports you, that inspires ease and relaxation, comfort and motivation.


"This course has been absolutely fantastic, simply the BEST COURSE I HAVE EVER TAKEN. I have loved every single thing about it; it has exceeded all my expectations. I never thought I would get so much out of a course "online." I was worried about that format honestly, but it could not have been any better for me."



  • A private Facebook group dedicated to your success

  • 10 group calls with 1-on-1 laser coaching

  • 10 trainings to help youtake massive action 

  • A library of resources available to download

  • Daily access to me & your tribe to ask questions & celebrate successes!

  • The most supportive environment & content so you can live the life of your dreams!


  • Fancy organizational systems for closets--so you can fit all your things

  • More furniture to house your things: armoires, dressers, bookshelves

  • Home decor--"Wouldn't that rug really pull the room together?"

You even go on vacation to 'get away from it all,' to leave your troubles behind. But when you get back, they're right there waiting for you.  

Wouldn't it be nice if living in your own home, every day, felt more like a vacation: with fewer worries and stressors, less stuff to deal with that doesn't make you happy?

While these things can be helpful, they can also add to the problem, by continuing to fill up your space, waste your time & money, without getting at the root of the problem.

  • The problem cannot be solved by being more organized.

  • The problem cannot be solved by adding more storage.

  • The problem cannot be solved by purchasing home decor.

We’ve been sold on the idea that these things will make our lives better. But the real problem is that we surround ourselves with far too many things that don’t bring us joy or make us happy. Those things weigh us down, keep us stuck, drain our time and energy.

You cannot solve the problem by organizing those things differently, adding more or checking out.

But that’s good news! Now you know where you can save money! Hone in on your true needs so you can be much more selective in the future.

CLEAR YOUR SPACE, CLEAR YOUR MIND, costs less than those things and in the end, you will have gotten to the root of the problem and come out on the other side happier, lighter, more in control of your life.

The course is affordable, while still being an investment that requires you to fully commit: your time, your money, your energy. It is with that commitment that you will achieve the results you’re looking for.  

The process is simple, but not always easy. When you fully invest, should you hit a block along the way, you’re motivated to do what it takes to dislodge it, so you can move forward. It is only with that full commitment, that you will be able to transform your space and your life.

Join the Community!

"I’m so appreciative of everything that shifted since I began the course. As my physical space feels lighter, I feel more open to opportunities. Having a community doing this at the same time helped me approach those daunting tasks."

"Going through the whole process made me able to do the things I’ve been putting off. It gives me more courage and motivation, the feeling that I can do it.

--Chloe Turner

freedom & clarity of mind

"Your things and how you engage (or don't engage) with them can teach you about the inner workings of yourself. In doing this course, I was able to dive deeper into my own patterns and fears. By shifting the way I relate to my belongings and my home, I brought more intention and attention into how I live my daily life."

"Simply by showing up and following the outline of the course and Tenaya's suggestions--I have experienced a freedom and clarity of space & mind I could not have willed into being on my own."

--Katie Newbury



"Going through the course helped me visualize and prioritize my life beyond work: what I want my relationship to look like, my health to look like. Looking forward, I have shifted into a positive mentality."



Decluttering removes the visual static that overwhelms your mind. As you spend less time dealing with your stuff--moving it, organizing it, fixing it, putting it away--you have more time and energy to do those things that you love, with the people that make you happy. 

Guess what? It may seem unattainable--it felt that way to be before I tackled my stuff--but you too can surround yourself with only your joyful possessions & make your life experience more JOYFUL! Thing is, it is easier, faster and more enjoyable to do it with guidance and a supportive community.

Doing it on your own is hard, it takes  a lot more time and requires a much steeper learning curve. 

How is your stuff holding you back from living the live you want to live? 

You don't have to get rid of all your stuff to live the life of your dreams--not even most of your stuff. No one, however, benefits from having a space full of the stuff that weighs you down, obscures what you want, no longer serves you. Surrounding yourself only by your joyful possessions, allows you to see clearly--and manifest more easily--what you do want. When you keep only the physical items that make you happy, your life becomes full of only the things and people you love. 

Your space is a reflection of yourself. 

When it is full of what no longer serves you, your space is a constant reminder of who you were in the past. Wouldn't it be nice if your space reminded you of who you want to be? 


To succeed on this space clearing journey, you need

  • a plan in place,

  • a guide--someone with experience to show you the way

  • and a community of people who are all on the same journey together.

I can show you how to make space for what makes you happy. Because isn't that what we should all be doing with this lifetime: what we love? 

When you clear the physical clutter, the mental clutter clears as well. When you are surrounded only by the things that make you joyful, your life becomes filled with joy. And the opportunities you've been looking for are able find you.

:) Tenaya

The Program

Prepare to release what doesn't bring you joy. 

It is my goal to help more people achieve freedom to relax in their own homes, freedom from the overwhelm and exhaustion, freedom from too much to do, freedom to feel rejuvenated by their spaces and inspired by their surroundings. 

As you get clear about what brings you joy, you also gain clarity around the next step, career choices, decisions to be made. It becomes easy to fill your time only with the things that make you happy. 

I have strategically crafted this program to help you easily implement the decluttering strategies, powerful Feng Shui techniques and simple mindset shifts to help transform yourself and your space from overwhelm to ease in a matter of months. 






Never want to declutter again? 

Want a house that's easier to manage, clean maintain?

Want to be surrounded only by things that bring you joy? 

That's why we use the KonMari method: it makes decluttering fun and it works.

By the end, you'll have a spot in your home for every last thing you own. You will of course have to pick up the things that get left out, but it's quick and easy (even with kids!)

I walk you through the big event, step by step--so it's not overwhelming. 

Read Marie's book? Fantastic. Interested in her method? Great. Not sure if it's for you? It might not be. Get clear on if you truly want to declutter the lack of joy in your life. It's a commitment and if you're not sure, there ain't no way you'll make it happen. No idea who she is? That's okay too. :)




  • Want to improve a stuck relationship?

  • Uncover what is stagnating in your bedroom or relationship area. 

  • Looking for a jolt of fresh energy & inspiration in your work?

  • Make sure your entrance and Career & Journey area reflect that energy and inspiration you desire.  

  • Not sure how to make money flow more quickly into your life?

  • What kind of clutter do you have clogging up your abundance area?

  • Feeling like you are not recognized for your strengths?

  • Look to the fame area to see if you're dampening that fire energy with unsuitable colors or artwork. 

  • Troubling relationships in your extended family?

  • What are you holding on to or not forgiving yourself for? 



Why do we all have cluttered spaces? If we know how our space reflects our self and how crazy the clutter makes us feel, then we should be able to just clean up and remove what doesn't make us happy, right? 

Ahh, if only it were that easy. 

Since we can all agree that everything in our spaces relates to our past (none of it is from our future :)), then it makes sense that when we begin to go through our belongings--to determine if they bring joy--we will have irrational attachments that arise. We all do.  

We are creatures of habit. We tend to be comfortable right where we are. Change can cause discomfort (that's how you know you're growing). 

We explore the discomfort. We become aware of the limiting beliefs that hold us back. We learn to tell new stories, to focus on the joy, to release the physical weight, as a way to help release past pain. 

COMBINE these 3 powerful techniques TO...

  • Create a space that supports and inspires you daily

  • Powerfully manifest from a place of clarity and intention

  • Live the life you dream of TODAY

Here's what CLEAR YOUR SPACE. CLEAR YOUR MIND. looks like week-by-week:

Module #1 - Know What You Want. Get clear on what results you're after and set powerful intentions to help you achieve those.

Module #2 - Jump into decluttering with the KonMari method. Learn how to align the Bagua Map over your floorplan to up-level specific areas of your life where you struggle.

Module #3 - Create your Bedroom Oasis. Take one place in your home and create an oasis--a place to decompress and fully rejuvenate. Learn to set up your bedroom for enhanced relationships and improved sleep.

Module #4 - KonMari your books! Visit the resistance and limiting beliefs that arise. Unpack the stories that hold you back as you physically and emotionally release what no longer serves you.

Module #5 - Declutter your papers. The state of your papers can leave you feeling distracted, unorganized and overwhelmed. We also begin to Intentionally Design Your Life and find a home for everything.

Module #6 - Start in on the Miscellany! This category is a big one and a common place for people to feel lost. The course helps you take the steps necessary to keep your momentum.

Module #7 - Learn the common Feng Shui problems and cures. Make small changes to your space to make life feel so much easier.

Module #8 - Continue decluttering your miscellaneous categories (there are a lot!). Focus on storing things so everything is easily accessible and visible. No expensive storage systems needed!

Module #9 - Continuing on the miscellany. Learning to consciously decide what you put into your mind, body and space. BONUS: What to do with Other People's Stuff (living with partners & children).

Module #10 - Mementos & Photographs. We dive into what it's like to declutter the stuff you're emotionally attached to. Learn how your space affects your body and what life looks like after Clearing Your Space & Mind!

As a Clear Your Space Member, you will Receive: 



The course gives you access to extensive libraries, supporting materials to help you declutter, go deeper into intentional living and shift your mindset to allow in new possibilities. Your starting point is different from everyone else's--so while we all follow the same weekly steps, you can supplement your progress as you see fit. These materials are at your fingertips whenever you need them most. 


2. Weekly Emails to Keep You On Track

Each week you will receive an email: directing you to the week's growthwork (worksheets designed to help you grow); cheerleading you on; giving you an insider look into my space and life; providing tips on how to apply the learning to your own space and life; encouraging you to listen to a guest speaker interview; sharing community wins or inviting you to our weekly training calls. 


3. Weekly Coaching Calls to get you past blocks

woman on phone closeup.jpg

The weekly coaching calls are the pulse of the course. I share pertinent lessons around space, mindset and Feng Shui. There is inevitably a significant breakthrough that happens on every call. You will learn as much from hearing other members ask questions as you will from asking your own. If ever you wanted my direct expertise, this is your opportunity! Each call is recorded, so if you can't make it live, it is still available to you!

4. private VIP Community Forum & Classroom

Clear Your Space members also get access to our private community--full of people who are going through this same transformation along with you. The community is one where people support each other, connect, ask questions, get feedback and offer up their own insights and encouragement in a trusted group setting. I am on hand to assist as you go through the material or have questions about your space and the process. 


5. Accountability

Accountability is a powerful motivator for any transformation you go through. It keeps you motivated, connects you to others and helps you keep your goals in the forefront. Without any sort of accountability structured into the process, you operate in a bubble and you are susceptible to the pitfalls of not having a support structure in place. It is important to know you are not alone on this journey in order to get the results you're after.  


stuck in a rut... in need of a change

"Three months ago I was stuck in a rut. I was in need of a change. The Universe had my back and sent me to you at just the right time."

"I am now able to curb the tendency to put something aside for tomorrow. I take the time to make a decision about an item NOW, so I don't have to handle the project at a later date."

"You have provided training, support and guidance to up-level every area of my life. THANK YOU!

--Christine LeClerc

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Access to an Expansive Resource Library

Resource libraries with tools to help you navigate your sticking points: be that clutter, letting energy flow, or shifting your mindset. 



Emails to Keep You on Track

Weekly emails to help you stay focused and moving forward through the process. 



Weekly Coaching Calls

Live, recorded, weekly coaching calls to help you get through the places where you might otherwise remain stuck. 



Private Community Forum

A private community forum and classroom where you can connect with your fellow Clear Your Space members and get the accountability and advice, when you need it. 


When you want a home that inspires ease, relaxation and rejuvenation, I can show you how to create an inspiring space that energizes and supports your wildest dreams. 

Learn to live your life by design, rather than default.



Don't take it from me.

Join the growing community of people who are living life with more ease, clarity, energy and inspiration

Hear how the CLEAR YOUR SPACE Course created monumental shifts for this mom of 3. 


"Honestly, if you're resisting, DON'T. Just jump in. The course is way more than just cleaning your house, it's that deep clearing that makes the space for the life you want." --Nancy Fenn


Enter your information below to gain early access during the next enrollment period. 

Your Guarantee

If you go through this course and fully participate in each module (meaning you do the work, post in the group and attend live calls when possible), and you don't feel like you have received at least 10X the value you invested, I will happily give you a full refund. 

Now THAT is a seriously awesome guarantee. That's how confident I am, that when you follow the call and invest in this program and community, you will see incredibly results for yourself. 

After 25 years in the same house..

"My husband and I have noticed the shift in our relationship already. He hates clutter. But he sees how much work I am doing and mentioned that he thinks our relationship is doing better. We hadn’t seen a shift after a year of therapy, but in two weeks of clearing my closet and bedroom space, we felt improvement."

"I'm remembering my old self again. I haven't been playing guitar the past few years. Now that I see my guitars out and there is less stuff in the way, I know I will get to them." --Jane Rosen

answers to frequently asked questions



So many times in life, you get inspired, implement a few techniques that are supposed to be magic, and then the inspiration wanes and you give up. Life devolves back to the typical chaos--your home is too full, your time is too full, your life feels too full.  Every time this happens, it makes it that much harder to try again--for the fear of "failing"... yet again. 

I hear you. I have so been there. Being the space guru that I am, I've studied and attempted to implement most every method out there. I focused on the best organizational methods to fit myself, my husband and our baby turned toddler, into 500 square feet for 4 years (totally doable, not always easy to maintain :)). 

Here's the problem with every organizational method I've tried: they don't deal with the root of the problem. (And you know how the problem comes right back (just like those pesky weeds) if you don't get to the root of it.) The root of the problem is that we all have too much stuff. 

Here's the second problem with every method I've tried: If they do try to address the root of the problem, by purging before you organize, they rely on faulty assumptions. Like the idea that you should pick 30 pieces of clothing to wear for 30 days--to show yourself that you really don't need more than that. But let me ask you, "Who picked 30?" What kind of random number is that? What if you live in a cold climate--that's a lot more difficult than if you live in the tropics. 

What about the idea that you should pack up all the stuff you don't think you want or need and put it in the attic (or the basement or the garage) for 6 months to a year to see if you miss it. Again, this doesn't look to solve the reason why we have so much in the first place. (And as a Feng Shui consultant I am just cringing at all the stuff that you don't think you need hanging over your head for a year--let's just say that's not good for your future prospects.) This method makes me cringe at the lack of responsibility you are taking for your stuff. At the idea that you don't have the ability to decide in the present what to keep. 

The KonMari method of decluttering is different. You are determining what to keep based on how it makes you feel, not based on your rational mind that is full of all the reasons you may need something or need to keep something because it reminds you of... fill in the blank. Your joy is a powerful indicator. Who, in the right mind, after all, would want to keep something that makes them feel unhappy (perhaps subconsciously) every time they look at it. 

When you complete the process, it's nearly impossible to revert back to your old ways. You feel so good in your space all of a sudden. At some point during the process you achieve a shift in your mindset, in your thinking around stuff. You realize how much stuff is the right amount for you (which is different for everyone, I should note). And while you may revisit some categories to cull with more clarity or because your joy changes, you will never revert to the cluttered lifestyle again. You have addressed the root of the problem: the unique reason why you kept so much stuff in the first place. 

Don't get me wrong, I have two kids, my husband and I both work full time--our lives are full. My house gets to be just as disastrous as anyone else's from time to time (news flash: we don't always put things away where they belong the first time). But when it comes time to clean up, it takes us minutes rather than hours. It's easy--for us, for the kids. It's a game changer. 

I used to huff and puff as I picked up after everyone, so frustrated and resentful that I had to spend my time that way. Turns out, I didn't! And you don't either. 


why would I spend the money if I can just read the book?

If it resonates for you, I absolutely encourage you to read Marie Kondo's book: the lifechanging magic of tidying up. People who have taken my course range from not knowing who she is, to having read the book and started to implement, to not having the time to read yet another book (who else has a stack of books as high as their nightstand, that you want to read?). 

I will be the first one to tell you that the big event, the lifechanging nature of the process comes from putting in the work. You can't expect to transform your life without some discomfort, some bumps in the road. 

The strengths of the course are many: 

1. I hold your hand through the process. Not only is there a set plan to follow, but when you hit bumps along the way, I'm there to help you work through them, to figure out what the root of the fear or attachment is, so you are able to release and thank the things in your space (and your life) that don't make you happy. Not only does my expertise make the difference between getting you the results you're after and petering off into another failed attempt, but the community of people going through the process at the same time is incredibly powerful

2. Which brings me to Community. Our group coaching calls and group forum are powerful places to talk through your sticking points in a way you may not typically do in your everyday life. Even on the days when you don't have burning questions, hearing your fellow members work through their blocks inevitably helps you work through your own. It's so rewarding to be a part of that community, all working to shift and transform, to become their best possible selves. 

3. Accountability. When you attempt a big event like this on your own, you may or may not be successful. When you have a team of people around you, who know what your goals are, it makes it MUCH more likely that you'll follow through on your end, that you'll hold yourself accountable, that you'll get through that one last little category because you want to be able to say that you make progress that week. 

You will be more successful when you take this journey as a part of a whole, to share your wins, your challenges, your triumphs, your 'failures.'

That's just on the decluttering side of things. I integrate that process with powerful Feng Shui techniques to help you begin to live differently in your space, to think about your space in a different light. 

And the Mindset bit, well, let's just say it's not your lack of time that will make you successful or not. You have to face up to some tough parts of yourself that you might rather keep in the closet. It's so nice to know that everyone else has those blocks as well. When you allow yourself to be thwarted by a limiting belief (I don't have enough time, I might need this because...) then you won't make progress. 


I don't think i have enough time to go through all my stuff

Here's the thing. You make time for everything that is important to you. So if you’re not all-in right now because you don’t have enough time, that just means it’s not important enough to you right now to make it happen. And that’s okay. It is important that you decide how to spend your time, that you are intentional about it.

Here’s the kicker: even as you begin to go through this process, you free up time in so many ways.

Yes, the process absolutely takes time. It is, however designed for people who have full lives: jobs, families, etc. You need, on average, 3-4 hours per week during the 10-week course to be able to be successful. Everyone is at a different starting point and thus, ending point. Some weeks you may spend less time, some weeks more. Most members do, at some point during the process work steadily for a large chunk of the day. Not because they need to, but because they don’t want to stop. Honestly, I’ve worked with people who want to spend their time doing nothing more than going through the next category--because it feels so good to feel your joy, to lighten your load.

The irony is that the less time you have, the more efficient you can be with it. If you are a parent, you know that at some point after you had kids, you wondered what you did with all your time. The flip side of that, is that the second you get half an hour to yourself, you are more efficient than you’ve ever been. When you are efficient with your time, working in alignment with your inspiration, you can accomplish so much. 

The further you get into the process, the more stuff you take off your plate that you don’t love to do. That’s the nature of the process: removing the physical things from your life that you don’t love, enables you to more easily eliminate the ways you don’t like to spend your time. Part of this is because you get really clear about what makes you happy. That, in turn, allows you to learn to say ‘No’ without guilt, joyfully almost. Through clearing your space of what you don’t like, you are essentially freeing up time for the things that you do love.

After you finish the process, life is of course, still full. That’s the way of things. But now I am very clear about how I spend my time. I find joy in all the things I do: either because I’ve been able to delegate, or, more often, because I’ve realized that half of my to-do list wasn’t really important, and wasn’t how I wanted to spend my time. It was liberating to realize I had control over much of that!

That aside, I also spend so much less time dealing with all my stuff: organizing it, putting it away, finding a home for it, cleaning it, fixing it, worrying about it. Now, I spend 10-15 joy-filled minutes at the end of the day cleaning up all the random stuff that got left out (in a house of 4)--whereas I used to spend at least an hour of frustrated, resentful time. Having less stuff, means more time to enjoy life.

After going through the entire process myself--and then guiding people through the more direct path--I find that what holds you back is not the lack of time (though that can feel very real) or the lack of resources (you have everything you need right at your fingertips when you allow it)... what holds you back is your mindset: the limiting beliefs you hold about space and time (I don't have enough), or about money and relationships (they don't come to me the way I want them to). That is why the course is designed with Mindful Awareness every step of the way--becoming aware of what you tell yourself, enables you to change that story. 

I too used to be caught in that trap of feeling like I never had enough time, and every now and again I find myself feeling that way again. But now I am aware of that limiting belief, which allows me to stop and notice all the ways in which, in every little moment, I have all the time I need (stop and smell the roses if you will). And that, in-turn, creates the reality where that is true.



I hear you. Living in a chaotic, overwhelming state of mind is exhausting. It’s hard to imagine adding anything else. The beauty of this process is that it energizes you as you go. Our very first foray into decluttering will leave you with more energy, more motivation to continue.

Yes, you have to put in that initial burst of time and energy--but I outline for you exactly what that looks like so you spend zero creative energy figuring out what to do. Once you begin, you glean energy from the process itself, from removing the weighty items from your space. It is revitalizing, rejuvenating, inspiring, energizing. I kid you not. 


what is the konmari method?

Marie Kondo wrote the book: the life-changing magic of tidying up back in 2011. It has since become a best-seller in Japan, where she lives, as well as in the United States. She researched for decades how to declutter her space, and the spaces of her clients, so that the space would remain clutter free, in perpetuity. And let me tell you, the KonMari (as she is known to her clients) process works.

There are many things that make her process unique from any you’ve ever tried before, including: determining what to keep based on how it makes you feel (does it inspire joy?); decluttering by category, not location (don’t attempt to tackle the garage, you take each category one by one: tools, camping gear, sports equipment, etc), you begin with your clothing, then move on to your books, papers, miscellany, and then mementos and photographs. The idea is that clothing is the easiest category to tackle, photos the most difficult--and you will have a much easier go of it, once you’ve practiced with all the other categories first.

The most powerful shift in mindset that she advocates, is to focus on what you are keeping, rather than on what you are purging. This slight shift creates all the difference. Instead of living a life where you feel like you are constantly purging, to are continually making space for your own joy to shine through.



By the end of the course, everyone has the tools needed, the plan in place and the resources to support them. Some people will complete the process in 10 weeks, some will not.

Everyone has a different starting point and a different ending point. I’ve worked with everyone from: a woman who had recently purged significantly, having just moved with her partner into a small, one bedroom, furnished, apartment… to a soon-to-be empty nester living in 3000+ square feet of space, that had accumulated much over 25 years. I’ve worked with a woman who didn’t own much, but wanted to significantly cull so she could head off traveling for months at a time and not store much back home. And I’ve worked with a mom of three who had lived in their 4000 square foot home for 10 years who felt like she’d done nothing but accumulate that entire time.

I’ve worked with people who don’t work full time and have more time to devote to their space and people who work full time and only have time and energy to make progress over the weekends.

There are so many factors that determine how long the process will take you:

  • Your motivation

  • The size of your home

  • The number of people who live in your home with you

  • The amount of stuff you own

  • How attached you are to your things

  • How willing you are to allow yourself to shift and transform

I live in 2200 square feet, with 4 people. I had a baby under a year old at the time and I run my own full-time business. Without someone to hold my hand and guide me through the steps, the process took me a solid 6 months… with some forgotten categories straggling in after that every now and again. So even if life is full, surrounding yourself only by the things you love is totally doable… when you’re fully committed to your own success.

To be honest, the main factor in determining how long the process will take you is not the amount of time you have to devote or the amount of stuff you have (though those are indicators). The main factor is how quickly you can work through your shifts in mindset. Everyone is at a different starting point in this regard as well.

By the end of the course, all members have the resources they need to complete the KonMari process. Some members decide to do a second round of the course--at half price--in order to have the community support and weekly coaching calls that help keep them accountable and enable them to push through to the finish line.


i'm really interested in Feng Shui--how much do we go into that in the course? 

I teach how to incorporate the principles of Feng Shui in your home in everything I do. Not because everyone should know everything about Feng Shui, but because the principles are fundamental to living in a home that feels good, that supports you, that functions well.


In the course itself we set powerful intentions around all 9 areas of your life (according to Feng Shui): Career, Self Knowledge, Family, Wealth, External Recognition, Relationships, Creativity, Community & Health. Intention setting is inherent to Feng Shui--you can’t use Feng Shui effectively (and expect results) without setting intentions.


We also dive into the Bagua Map and how to utilize it as you declutter your home. Decluttering with the KonMari method is effective, but what makes it more powerful, is knowing what area of your life you are working in, what your intentions are for that area of your life and how you want to feel about that part of your life. When you put powerful energy into the space, as you clean & clear, you begin to powerfully attract the energy of what you want.


We also look to the Bagua Map when you are having issues in any particular area of your life. For example, I work with many people who are having issues in their intimate relationship. We look to that area of your home to see how your space is reflecting those troubles. Feel like your marriage is stagnating? What is stagnating in your Relationship area? Feel like you want to reignite the passion? How is your space dampening the mood?


We spend an entire module devoted to the bedroom because that area can negatively impact so many areas of your life. We talk about how to promote:

  • healthy relationships--since your bedroom can obviously affect your intimate relationship (or lack of)

  • deep sleep--which in turn allows for...

  • Improved health

Without rejuvenating sleep, your health suffers, your productivity and effectiveness at work decreases, your ability to be patient and compassionate with your loved ones is compromised... The list goes on and on. We look to the bedroom early on to ensure that you can thrive in all other aspects of your life.  


There is another module devoted to Common Feng Shui problems and their Cures. This outlines all of the easy fixes you can make in your home to make life easier, to maintain wealth, to support your relationships, to make your career more fulfilling.

And then we come full circle, back to intention setting… since what you desire morphs and grow as you learn to listen to and trust your joy.


why would feng shui help me feel less overwhelmed in my home?

The most basic tenet of Feng Shui is creating space... decluttering. That’s because when your space is clogged, energy can’t flow--it can’t flow into your life, it can’t flow around your life, it can’t flow back out. And when energy can’t flow, things stagnate: you feel stuck, unsure of how to move forward; you hit resistance every step of the way.

As I mentioned earlier, intention setting also goes hand-in-hand with effective Feng Shui. I teach you to set intentions in a way that makes your daily existence less overwhelming.

The goal is to make the journey enjoyable, so that the result is worth your time. If your journey in life is not enjoyable, achieving your goal will not make you happy. Period.


How much does your course cost? 

The Clear Your Space Course is an investment. It is intentionally designed that way to help you get the results you’re after. If the course were not a investment, you might purchase it and then decide not to push through a particularly challenging block you come up against because you weren’t fully invested.

You have to be all in--fully invested: time, energy, commitment, money--to achieve the transformation you’re looking for: to never have to deal with clutter again, to replace the overwhelm with ease, the exhaustion with inspired action.

I am only interested in working with clients who are fully committed. My business runs on referrals--on word of mouth--on people achieving a significant shift in their lives… and then telling their friends about how amazing it made them feel.

I am fully committed to your personal transformation, to your home better supporting you, being easier to maintain, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate from your forays into the outside world. Your success is my success. And so I do everything in my power to set you up for full and transformative progress--including putting a high price tag on the course and all it’s benefits.

That being said, I like to make it as accessible as possible and so I offer 2 different price points depending on how much of my one-on-one attention you would like. I also offer payment plans so you don’t have to pay the full sum up front.  


how do I buy your course & become a member?

Click on the pricing option that works best for you.

Determine which best fits your needs:

  • Do you have 25 years of clutter collected in your 3000 sq foot home? You might want to opt for the top-tier plan--which includes the most one-on-one time available;

  • Moved recently... don’t really have all that much stuff, but you can’t wait to cull it down to only the joyful items? You could comfortably opt for the lowest-tier option with no dedicated one-on-one time.

Click the add to cart button and enter your credit card information. I will send you a confirmation of receipt and give you immediate access to the course materials.


what is your refund policy?

I want fully satisfied customers and so I do offer a 30 day, money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the course, I will fully refund your money.

That being said, since you make a commitment to invest fully when you purchase, I will ask that you provide me with your completed course-work (up to that date) to ensure that you have invested the time and energy on your end to ensure your own success.

I can’t help you succeed if you don’t put in the time and energy required.

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