Most people wear 20% of their clothing, 80% of the time.

Are you afraid to part with a piece of clothing "just in case" you might need it? You're not alone. But living your life that way, holding on to things just in case, tells your future self that you will not be supported, and that is the reality you create for yourself. 

  • Are you ready to be fully supported in the future? 
  • Are you ready to LOVE every last piece of clothing in your closet?
  • Are you ready to get clear on your own authentic style? 

It used to take me forever to find an outfit... that wasn't very inspiring. I would wear the same combination over and over again because the idea of finding something new was not enjoyable. I never realized how stressful getting dressed was every morning until I found an effective way to cull through my clothing so that I LOVE EVERYTHING THAT REMAINS. Now I use my clothing to better express the AUTHENTIC ME. 

We'll use a combination of: 

  • The KonMari Method to Tidy & Organize

  • Powerful Feng Shui to Strengthen your Intentions

  • Mindful Awareness to Let Go of what holds you back. 

I created this challenge so that YOU TOO, can have a closet that brings you joy just looking into it--one that is full of clothing you ABSOLUTELY ADORE