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with Tenaya Plowman Kolar

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1. WATCH the (17min) Introduction Video: Mental Preparation for the Physical Work


3. LISTEN to the Guided Visualization:

4. SHARE your Intentions with our private Community on Facebook. Not on Facebook? Share them with a loved one. 


2. WATCH Today's (24min) Video on Diving in to the KonMari Process & the Grey Areas

3. WATCH KonMari's Vertical Fold

4. SHARE Your Progress with the Closet Makeover Facebook Community... or with a dear friend. 

1. WATCH Today's (6min) Video on Returning to Your Joy

2. PRINT & COMPLETE Your Day 3 Growthwork

3. LISTEN to your Mid-Challenge Mindfulness Moment on Limiting Beliefs

4. SHARE a Limiting Belief that Arises for You (or a block, a reason--rational or not--of why you have held on to something in the past) in our Private Facebook Forum

1. WATCH Today's (6min) Video on Clarity, Authenticity & Creating a Bigger Shift

2. PRINT & COMPLETE Your Action Items

3. SHARE Your Progress on our private Facebook Forum

4. SIGN UP for your FREE Discovery Call with me! This is for those of you interested in delving deeper into your specific issues in your space (and how they relate to your life). 

1. WATCH Today's (13min) Video: The Next Step

2. PRINT & COMPLETE Your Action Items

3. SHARE Your Before & After Pictures in our private Facebook Group or send them to Tenaya at: tpkfengshui@gmail.com

4. FILL OUT the Exit Survey for a chance to win a 1 hour Coaching Call with me (valued at $350)!

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