Welcome to the BONUS DAY of the...

create the space to inspire Challenge!

Today is a day to celebrate! Baby steps, small wins, new inspiration, inspired actions. 


The last 5 days were designed to help you grow yourself into the person you want to become - and grow your space into one that will support that desired outcome - the person and space you need to live your ideal life.

Today, I am sharing with you one of my favorite Workshops. These questions are fantastic to sit with prior to our LIVE Implementation Workshop:

Mid Challenge Inspirational Quote (1).png

The 3 Essentials of the Stress Free Home: Thursday 12/7 at 1pm MST. 

Be sure to join me LIVE for an exciting announcement, bonus content and the chance to win a VIP session with yours truly!

See you in the forum!

:) Tenaya

P.S. Complete the challenge & fill out the quick End of Challenge Survey by Thursday at 1pm MST and receive my Tip Sheet on Boosting Your Abundance AND win a chance for a VIP session with yours truly. I'll be drawing names for the prize at the end of Thursday's Workshop!