Welcome to Day 4 of the...

create the space to inspire Challenge!

Today, we get back to the internal landscape in order to access what we need to shift in the external one. It may seem like Feng Shui is all about your physical space, but there is so much lurking below the surface that needs to be uncovered to access the inspiration inside you.

Print out today's dreamwork handout

Watch this LIVE Worksop implementation for Day 4 - (recorded Sunday 12/3 in our private Facebook forum).

Think of it as a mid-morning guided meditation to access your inspiration!

:) Tenaya

P.S. To close off 5 days of Challenge (plus a Bonus day or two!), I'll be hosting a LIVE workshop just for you on the 3 Essentials to the Stress-Free Home

SAVE THE DATE! Thursday, December 7 at 1pm MST

There will be a replay available for a limited period of time but I encourage you to join me LIVE. There will be freebies for those who do as well as the chance to ask your questions and get lazer coaching on the specifics of your space. 

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