how to create supportive spaces for your kids


(and maintain your sanity as a parent)

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You’ll love these in depth video trainings to help you create supportive spaces for your kids (and maintain your sanity as a parent). 


A step-by-step video series to:

Create Children's Spaces that are...

  • Easy for THEM to Maintain and

  • Supportive of your child's natural development.

~From Simplicity Parenting to Decluttering to Feng Shui~

Are you constantly frustrated by how much you pick up after your kids?
Does your home devolve into chaos shortly after you've taken the time to clean up?
Do your spaces create more stress, for you and your children, than they alleviate? 

Check out this in depth Workshop Series Today!

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Research shows that the state of your child's environment has an incredible impact on their well-being. Rooms that are overly full - that contain attention grabbing toys (think bright and bold and loud) - are stressful to your children (and to you) and can lead to mood and attention disorders and even depression.

It's time to reclaim your child's health and well-being, to create spaces that support their natural developmental stages, that encourage focus and free, imaginative play. 

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It's time to reclaim your own sanity as a parent, to ease transition times, to inspire your children to naturally clean and care for their things.


This Workshop Series walks you through how to easily and painlessly clear your child's room of unwanted stuff. 

Bringing together tried and true techniques from well known authors such as: 

  • Kim John Payne M.ED. - Simplicity Parenting +
  • Marie Kondo - the life-changing magic of tidying up +
  • Sonia Choquette PhD - The Wise Child +
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Integrating how to Feng Shui a child's room and my own years of experience working with parents and children to create easy to maintain spaces (that still have everything a child needs). 

This Workshop Series Includes: 

A video series to walk you step-by-step through how to clear your child's room of unwanted stuff & create a space that supports their natural development. 

How to Simplify, to Declutter, to Feng Shui & to Enjoy the Process!

(Listen while you cook, clean, commute or walk!) 

Video 1:

  • How to deal with the constant influx
  • Why you have to purge (differently than before) before you organize

Video 2:

  • Environmental impact on your child's well-being
  • Easiest way to reduce stress in your home
  • Create long lasting benefit in your space
  • Being responsible for your child's environment

Video 3:

  • Create a space for your child to THRIVE
  • Toys that are easy to purge
  • Implementing Kim John Payne's Simplicity Parenting method in your own home


Video 4:

  • On purging books... so your child wants to read

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Video 5:

  • Using the KonMari method to declutter with kids
  • Pros & Cons of the Toy Library


Video 6:

  • Guidelines for what is enough (stuff, schedule, etc)
  • What children need most 
  • On organization

Video 7:

  • KonMari with the rest of your kids stuff 
  • Trusting the process & your own joy
  • Being in the flow with your children

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Video 8:

  • Feng Shui your child's room
  • Create space to reflect your child's internal life
  • How to eliminate subtle stressors & improve sleep

Plus great bonus material!

  • Tip Sheets on how to improve the Feng Shui in the Child & Family areas of your home 
  • The 10 Types of Toys that are EASY to Purge Worksheet
  • A guided visualization to help you and your child find and feel your JOY

Workshop Series:  $169

Creating a Space to Nurture Your Child: Priceless