Happy November! This time of year, I begin to think about all I’ve accomplished in the past 10 months… and all that I still want to get done before the end of the calendar year!

What often holds us back from achieving our goals, is mindset: our own (mental) stuff. As humans, we are quite adept at getting in our own way--through beliefs we may not even realize we hold, that keep us from taking actions to support the life we really want.

Why, you may ask, should a Feng Shui & Design expert--who focuses so much attention on the physical--place emphasis on mental well-being? Fantastic question--I'm so glad you asked!

In my line of work, I am constantly reminded of how your physical space is intimately intertwined with your mental well being.

That doesn't mean you have to live in your dream home to be happy--quite the contrary actually (you may be glad to hear :)). And it doesn’t mean that just because you live in your dream house, you are happy.

It does mean that…

  • All of your stuff (each little thing) holds energy of the past and affects how you feel.
  • The way your space is set up can create stress & unhappiness in your life (or peace & ease).
  • But above all… when your mental game is fine tuned, fun to play, enjoyable, you will begin to reflect this in your space and your life. And vice versa: when your space begins to better reflect what you love, it is easy to feel expansive, aligned, in tune with your greater good.

The law of the universe is that with any negative, there is a positive. This is true at our most basic level: when looking at particles and ions. The same is true of any given situation you face (even the most dire): there is a positive side and a negative and you choose which to give your attention to. When you start to consciously choose the positive, you become more able to do so by habit.

No matter what your physical surroundings may be, happiness is a choice. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that it always comes naturally or is easy to see. I know I have total control over this and yet I still get caught in the downward spiral from time to time.

The inner game of Mindset can be what holds you back from achieving your greatest desires, or it can be what propels you more quickly than you ever imagined, directly toward them. It’s powerful stuff.

And that is why I interlace mindset tools with the physical things you can do in your space. Mindset work will help you to shift your thinking around any situation. It will help you align yourself with your desires in a way that allows you to take the next step toward your dream.

Because this work is constant practice, and because the Mindset piece has the biggest impact on your happiness, I am simply thrilled to bring you an exclusive webinar interview, hosted by yours truly, with Mindset Expert Ron Baker of PermaGrinGuru.com: Create Your Bulletproof Mindset. 

This is the time of year to go inward, to look to your own inner game and how it is holding you back. During this hour with Ron we will look specifically at what you can do to uncover your limiting beliefs and steps you can take to begin living the life you dream of, right now. You won’t want to miss it. 
:) Tenaya

Ps. For those of you who are on board because the physical space interests you, never fear. I have big plans for you as we near 2017 and beyond. Get excited!