There is so much stuff in our homes that blends into the background, that we don't even see it anymore. Even though we don't SEE it, you guessed it, it still affects us, every day. All that visual clutter is like static on a tv screen. It fills your mind, making it difficult to think clearly, make decisions and know what needs to be done next.

Take a few minutes and follow these steps to successfully clear the visual static from your home, TODAY!


The fridge is a 'magnet' (pun intended) for clutter. That's where most of us put up pictures, holiday cards, birthday wishes, calendars, the kids artwork from school... You name it--it collects there. 

But take a close look. How far do those mementos go back? It is not uncommon to have photos from a decade ago. You think having them front and center gives the photos the credit they are due. But really, after a week or so, they fade into the background... which is why you shouldn't feel bad pulling them down. 

Try this: Take everything off the fridge. Wipe it down. Go about your day. The next time you walk into your kitchen, I can guarantee you will notice how much brighter it feels, how much less cluttered. You will feel better walking into the space. And who doesn't want to feel better?

What to do with the stuff? Toss what you can. Place photos in a box labeled photos (most of you have one of these already); Mementos in a box labeled Mementos. Visit these at a later date (see my decluttering course: Clear Your Space. Clear Your Mind for inspiration) If you feel the need to place some items back up on the fridge, make sure you do so intentionally: maybe just a picture or two that reflect the life you want now. Go back to it on a regular basis and swap things out.

After a short period of time, it's as if the photo doesn't exist at all (except it still fills your mind). 

2. SCAN YOUR HOME for other Eye-Level Bulletin Boards, Hooks, or anything that COLLECTS Random Things. You'll know it when you see it. 

Remove all the random items: photos, passes, coupons, whatever it is. You may decide to remove the bulletin board entirely. Toss the stuff that is outdated. All the other stuff, that we keep out to remind us... isn't actually reminding us of anything. It fades into the background and clouds your mind. Find a better spot for the coupons (maybe paper clipped to your store list). Again, the photos can go in your photo box, mementos in the memento box. 


Whatever is reflected in your mirrors, is doubled (literally) in your space. Do they reflect light? The natural world outside? Great!

I see more mirrors out there than I can count, that reflect: clutter, wires, hanging coats, a busy desk.

You can literally reduce by half, the clutter in your home, by moving the mirrors that reflect it, to a new location.  

Think about what you want to double in your life: physically, energetically (abundance? wealth? serenity? nature?). Make sure that's what your mirrors actually reflect!

As always, Happy Decluttering!

:) Tenaya