How to Attract your very own *Complimentary* Day at the Spa

How is it that, at times, you can attract the exact thing you want? And other times, you aren’t able to materialize what you desire?

Today, I have the story for you of how I manifested a day at the spa--the exact reward I’d been picturing--without it costing me a dime. I also created a Road Map for you, so that YOU too can easily materialize your desires. Read on to realize your greatest dreams and download your checklist. The story doesn’t begin where you might expect it to…

I recently re-committed to a regular, scheduled mindfulness practice. I had established a nice routine in the year before my second child arrived.

The practice was powerful for me: in the added patience I had with my family; in the clarity I felt in my life; in the way I was able to move my business forward.

But that all fell by the wayside once I had a newborn again. The times I had originally been meditating, just didn’t work for me (or her). Not only those times, but I found my life so very full again, with this wee one needing me at every opportunity, that it has taken me a full 2 years to get back into a routine.

In the interim, I was using what I called Mindful Moments throughout the day to bring myself back to the present: when I was chopping vegetables, or showering or reading to my son, any moment really that I could take a deep breath and be aware of the here and now, I would tune into my breath and how my body was feeling. And I would get little snippets here and there for yoga, for sitting.

It’s amazing how becoming a mom made the prospect of quiet time--when no one is talking to me, where I can simply sit, and pay attention to me, my body, my breath-- so very appealing. 

And those moments were powerful. But I was yearning for something more.

In the past two months, a window of time opened up for me. I realized that if I got out the door 5 minutes earlier, and dropped my daughter off at daycare before I took my son to school, amazingly, nearly a full hour opened up that I hadn’t had before.

When I became aware of this window of opportunity, I was super busy with my business, so originally, I was thankful and used the time for that daily check in with my business, getting out the emails and phone calls that needed to happen. But then I hit a stretch when I naturally have a little more space for reflection in my business and I jumped at the opportunity to use my new window to meditate and move my body through yoga, rather than work more.

Right around the same time I realized I could transition that morning time, the opportunity came to me to work with an Empowerment Coach (check out Stella Stockton at if you are local to the Sun Valley area). She specializes in Mindfulness and so many other fantastic tools.

I wasn’t even totally sure what an Empowerment Coach does, but I jumped at the chance. It felt right.

In our first meeting, she gave me some additional meditation tools and resources to enable my practice. And at the end of our session, we set up a schedule--the set time when I would commit to sitting with myself 5-6 days/week (since that was the goal I laid out for myself).

Turns out, when you have something you really want, it’s not enough to just desire it, you have to schedule it into your calendar.

Many of you may have realized this long ago, but I am the type of person that prefers not to feel my life is dictated by my calendar. In the wake of successfully reestablishing this routine, however I’ve shifted my thinking. I’ve realized that my calendar is not just for work. Now I happily schedule in my play time, my down time, my work time, my rewards. And it feels amazing because I get to most everything--simply because it’s in my calendar!

And so we determined, myself and Stella, that I would take 45 minutes 5-6 mornings a week to meditate and do yoga: an achievable goal, with measurable outcomes (spoiler alert: those two things are part of your Road Map). Not only that, but during the weekdays, this would be at the same time every day: 8:15-9am. The house was empty, I would have just completed what tends to be a somewhat rushed start to the day getting kids ready for school.

It was the perfect time to take some time, ground myself, “floss my inner body”--moving the energy up and down my spine--awaken my creativity, open my energy channels.

Stella also inquired about what kind of reward I would like to have for myself should I be able to stick to this schedule with 80-90% accuracy for the month. My first thought was food--I love food! But since I’d recently come off a Spring Cleanse and still wasn’t eating sugar--among other things--that actually didn’t appeal to me (and I figured it probably wasn’t the healthiest of rewards :)).

My reward was supposed to be something I wouldn’t typically do for myself.

So I decided to sit on that for a few days--maybe a massage or dinner out with my hubby. My husband, however, suggested a spa day and massage, which I was pretty psyched about. So I settled on a day at the spa (what more could a mama want!) and a facial. (More on this later…)

The month has been fantastic. I have been able to easily hold myself accountable because I decided what I needed and why it was so important to me; because I have this set time to sit down with myself, for myself; because I instigated and agreed to this achievable goal and shared it (both with my coach and my husband). I show up every morning, 5-6 days/week for the past month. I look forward to it. Come 9 o’clock I feel fantastic for having taken the time: not only because I’m holding up my end of the bargain, but because my body is more in tune with my needs, and the needs of my clients. I’m better at listening and asking the right questions that will enable us to get to the bottom of an issue.

My energetic creativity channels have been primed for the day.

Running my own business, based on my passions and expertise as well as on what I hear you, “my tribe” needs, means that it is essential for me to feel this flow of creativity. I am constantly creating new content that is rich and intentionally valuable, which flows forth with ease when I am in this open state. When I am not, what tends to come up is the overwhelm of running my own business--the anxiety from wearing so many different hats--not all of which I am inherently good at.

My new morning routine has created a much needed daily transition for me, from the selfless and sometimes hectic role of mom into the calm and focus of the work that I do to feed my soul and share my expertise with the world.

When I get down to work at 9am, I am much better at channeling my inner creativity. I don’t often feel blocked. I am okay with sitting down to work at the computer for the morning and can accomplish more with the time I have.

I could go on and on about the results I am gleaning from this shift in my life, from taking the time to meditate. However, what I really wanted to share with you, was the attraction piece--how I attracted a complimentary spa day, and how you can do it to. I have been aware of the Law of Attraction for 15 years--as long as I have studied Feng Shui--the two go hand in hand. According to Ralph Trine in his book In Tune With The Infinite (1897):

"The law of attraction works universally on every plane of action, and we attract whatever we desire or expect. If we desire one thing and expect another, we become like houses divided against themselves, which are quickly brought to desolation. Determine resolutely to expect only what you desire, then you will attract only what you wish for."

On many an occasion you will see the Law of Attraction at work in the physical world, with our things. This could not be more true within your home (and mine!).

When one thing sits on top of a clear surface, it does not take long for more and more to collect around that one thing.

Where-as if the surface were entirely clear, you may start to put something down there, and then think twice, because it’s so nice and clean--and end up putting that thing away instead of cluttering the surface with it.

Here is how the law of attraction worked for me this month. Early on, as I mentioned, I determined that I would reward myself with a day at the spa and a facial. I must admit that I was pretty excited about these rewards and would think about them occasionally as I sat down to meditate. As the month went on, it was clear that I would achieve my goal. It was easy to sit down each morning, I looked forward to it. Even though there were loads of other things to do (the dishwasher to unload, loads of laundry to move through...ahh the perils of working from home :)).  My meditation was the plan, the next thing scheduled, I had already agreed to create that time and space in my life.

And afterwards, I felt so much more aligned, grounded, ready for whatever would come at me that day.

And then, on bike to work day, my husband who bike commutes a mile and a half to school year round, ended up riding a gorgeous 13 miles on the bike path up to his student presentations and back. He stopped at one of the stations set up to reward all the bikers for their efforts--this one happened to be run by Zenergy Health Club & Spa. As he was just being friendly, talking with the support team there, one of them said, “Oh, are you interested in a complimentary day pass to the spa?” “Heck yes!” Okay, he probably didn’t say that. But he did, upon arriving home, proudly present it to me, just happy as pie to have me use it (and watch the kids while I was away). Have I mentioned how much I love my husband?

And not a day or two later I saw in the paper an add for half price facials. Sign me up! My rewards found me--and at a very affordable price!

When you know what you want, AND you expect that thing to happen it makes it easy for that non-reality to become realized.

I just spent my day at the spa this weekend, as my husband prepares to head out on his school camping trip for 9 days (leaving me with both kiddos). What better time for me to get a little dose of me time before some concentrated mama time. I took a yoga class, sat in the steam room AND the sauna, took some laps in the pool, took in the mountain views from the hot-tub and sat by the pool reading my book--it was amazing. And, believe it or not, I actually came home a little early because I couldn’t think of another place I would rather be, than at home with my family.

What shifts are you looking for in your life? What desires do you want to realize? 

Check out the Road Map I created for you to Easily Materialize Your Desires