learn to support your journey & career by setting up your space with intention


We are in the heart of January, the month where we focus on...

Today, I share with you specific ways to enhance and support your Career & Journey, through intentionally designing the Career & Journey area of your home with the use of appropriate colorsmaterials, images, and textures

One of my favorite parts of Feng Shui is the way in which it narrows down your choices so decisions about your home decor are EASY. Want to paint the walls? Planning to purchase a new couch/lamp/rug/table? Have no idea what colors or materials to choose? Today, I clearly outline how to make those decisions (that you have to make anyway) & how to utilize your existing space and furniture in a way that actively supports the life you want to live and the career or journey you yearn for.

(Not 100% sure where the Career & Journey area of your home is? Refresh your memory with this introductory blog post on the Bagua Map and how to align it over your home.) 

While there is infinite depth to the ancient tradition of Feng Shui, there are also ways you can begin to use the practices to better support your life TODAY. I consolidate this new information into an easy Tip Sheet below. Don't miss it!

To begin, there is an element associated with each Gua (life area).


...is the element associated with the Career & Journey area.  

Water can be ACTIVE...

active water with surfer shortened.jpg

Active water is associated with the color


The lighter the blue, the more active the energy. Look at that wave as it reaches its crescendo--the water is so light, it's white. 

Use the color BLUE in your Career & Journey Gua to activate energy or create momentum in that area of your life

...Or water can be STILL.

black lake shortened.jpg

Still water is associated with the color


The deeper the hue, the quieter the water. As with everything, moderation is important with this color, as too much can create stagnation.

Use the color BLACK in your Career & Journey Gua to slow down or stabilize the energy in that area of your life.  

Don't think you can incorporate blue or black into your decor? You can also utilize shapes, images and materials that represent water. 

SHAPE: Wavy lines are associated with water

IMAGES: Any water image will do (or image that is predominantly blue or black), this could include snow or billowing clouds in addition to oceans, lakes, rivers or ponds. 

MATERIALS: fluid materials that move like water can bring water energy to this area.


Metal Energy Supports Water Energy

Metal Energy Supports Water Energy

This is the water image

Every element has a supporting element as well. When you feel like your Career or Journey could use additional foundational fortitude, utilize the supporting element.

Metal is the element that supports Water. 

Feel free to utilize as much grey, white, pastel, gold, circular shapes and hard, smooth textures as you like in the Career & Journey area of your home. 

In addition to helpful or supportive elements for particular areas of your home, there are also colors and elements to avoid.

(Don't worry about keeping all this new information in your head! Scroll down for the all new Tip Sheet: Inspire Your Career & Journey.)

Wood energy DRAINS Water energy (plants soak up water to survive). This means it is best to avoid the colors, images and shapes that represent WOOD in your Career & Journey area as it can drain vital energy. 

AVOID: Greens, tall columnar shapes, images of forests or other greenery. 


Whatever your style, there are ways to utilize the water and metal elements and the colors, materials and shapes associated in order to provide the support and foundation you need in your Career or your life's Journey. 


Earth energy CONTROLS Water energy. This can be helpful when Water energy is overly-dominant, but in general, you want to avoid representations of EARTH in your Career & Journey area as it can create conflict. 

AVOID: Earth tones (browns, yellows, oranges), square shapes

Earth Controls or Weakens Water

Be sure that the images in your artwork represent what you want in that area of your life. For example, you would want to avoid images that evoke hard labor or difficulty. You don't want that in any area of your life!

This is a piece of artwork I use in my own Journey & Career area of my home. 

I love the water, with the supportive shore nearby. I love the big billowing clouds. To me, they represent future potential (the replenishment of water). 

The image has a fantastic array of blues (water energy) as well as whites and pastels (metal energy) to support them.

I am unconcerned with the small amount of earth (brown) and wood (green) in the image. It's all about balance and what the predominant energies of an image are. 


Here are a few more images that represent Water energy without incorporating actual water. These images may also represent qualities you would like to embody in your career or journey. The blue glass to me says that there is always support around you, that people look up to and listen to you, while the image of outer space represents infinite expansion and potential

outer space resized.jpg

Take a look at your artwork in your Journey & Career area. Does it represent what you would like to see in that area of your life? Play around with it. Have fun. How can you incorporate the energies of water or metal into YOUR Career & Journey area of your home?

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:) Tenaya

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