Guess what room has the greatest impact on your well-being?

There is one room in your home that hands down has the greatest impact on your well being... 

You'll also find out one thing you can do to begin to improve this space in a way that will impact your health, your relationships, your work life, your home life, you name it. 

Still wondering what room that is?! Watch the short video below!

The bedroom is intimately connected to the health of your relationships and so much else in life. Just think about it. You spend a third of your life in your bedroom--sleeping. While you sleep, your body is at its most vulnerable state which means the subtle stressors in your room can effect you more profoundly. 

What subtle stressors am I talking about?

Listen in to hear how you can look at your bedroom with a fresh set of eyes in order to improve the health of your relationships, your body, your work life, your home life. So much hinges on that good night of sleep and that ability to feel at ease in your most intimate relationship. 

More videos to come! Tips on what to look for in your bedroom, what to clear out and how to create a space that reflects the relationships you want in your life. 

:) Tenaya