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You know that stuck feeling where you can’t imagine how you would even begin a project?

You want a space to be different, you want a part of your life to be different, but you’re nowhere near inspired.

That’s how my office has felt this month. It functions relatively well, but was beginning to fill up again with all the things that needed to be done, fixed, sent (those things seem to attract themselves to this space!). 

And yet, here we are, in February, a month of focusing on the Self Knowledge & Wisdom area of home and life and--you guessed it--that’s exactly where my office falls. I wanted the space to feel & function even better. I wanted more clarity around my inner work. But I just couldn't get started. 

We all yearn for (and benefit from), that work-space that inspires us, that lends us focus and productivity--that all powerful ability to be in the zone.

And last weekend I had an opening.

Turns out, I couldn’t imagine my space or how to begin even, because it was TOO FULL. Go figure. I always say, when a space is too full, there’s no room for new opportunities to come and find you. Time to take my own advice!

See, my office has been my workspace, as well as my sewing and craft station. I imagine many of you can relate to workspaces that also function in other ways (guest rooms, tv rooms, dining room tables :)) And that has been okay...

I’d recently acquired (from my mom’s basement), a sweet little sewing table. I put it in the closet in my office and there is sat, uncleaned (with years of dust in the drawers), unused. I took note of this and wondered why I felt no inspiration to even clean it out and begin to make use of it.

And so, last weekend, I willed myself to go in and clean it out and begin putting it to use. I knew the key to feeling the inspiration in that space had something to do with that sewing station. That’s when I realized it wasn’t as little as I’d thought. I couldn’t even access the drawers with the unit in my office. Go figure.

That’s when the real inspiration hit. We have this weird little spot in the basement with this low hanging light fixture from the 70’s (that I must admit, I ADORE). I have ALWAYS wondered what exactly would fit under that light. It’s too close to the wall for a little table with chairs, too far from the wall for a desk. But you know what fits there perfectly? My sewing station. All opened up, aired out and ready to use.

When I realized this, I also realized that I had felt stuck because I couldn’t really use my sewing machine after the kiddos go to bed because it’s on the other side of the wall from my daughter’s bed, and she tends to be a fitful sleeper early in the night.

Not only was this funny little spot in the basement the right size with perfect lighting, but it would allow me to work on projects whenever I found the time! I love it when life lines right up--it's uncanny

As I moved my sewing down stairs, I realized just how much space the accoutrement took up in my office.

This move created A LOT of space in my office… a lot of space in my Self Knowledge & Wisdom. It felt lovely. My workspace is truly that now. The space has no other functions, all me, all focus, all joy, all spacious, all colors & artwork that I LOVE. 

I sat on that space for a week and then, again, when inspiration hit me this morning, I took 30 minutes to really clean and clear my workspace.

Sure, I have some mini projects on the horizon (namely painting & installing bead-board around the file cabinets that hold up my massive desk top--desks with fronts to them allow you to feel more secure in your work... and sewing the new curtains that will hang from the closet--you can see the roll of fabric on the floor!). But I know those will come along easily now. 

It’s amazing how quickly a project moves along when you’re aligned and inspired.

It’s also amazing how long you can sit on a project when you’re not coming from a place of inspiration... when the space is just too full to accommodate your needs. 

Inspiration allows a project to flow smoothly. 

You know what ALWAYS allows that inspiration to flow more smoothly?


Sometimes this comes from removing one item (though it does help if that item is large :)). That one item can begin a domino effect of more and more you realize you don’t need or want (like the big stack of paper recycling I purged this morning!).

Having a bit more physical space allows the mental capacity to see things in a new light, notice open doors you didn’t realize existed. It’s powerful.

So if you’re feeling a bit stuck around an area, a project, a place in your life. Give it a bit of space--both mentally (give it a rest!) and physically (listen to your intuition to uncover just one thing you can remove from the space… and then one more).

I promise you, magic (productivity, focus, clarity, joy) will ensue. 

In addition to the all powerful space... 

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:) Tenaya