[VLOGS] How to Free up Time & Space for What You Love

Time is a precious resource. Do you treat it that way? 

I don't mean to imply that we should be working in all of our time, or even doing. Really, what I mean to ask is do you spend your time in ways that make you happy? That's the ultimate test, if we are happy as we do

There is much to do in life that is not necessarily at the top of our bucket list of things that will "make us happy." The real test is if we can be happy as we do all of the things we find ourselves doing in our normal day-to-day... in this present moment. 

If we are not enjoying the journey, we most certainly will not be fully satisfied with the destination--even if it's exactly as you imagined it (which, quite honestly, is difficult to achieve from a state of dissatisfaction!).  

One way to allow yourself greater joy and ease and space in the time you do have is to surround yourself by things that make you happy. When you do, all of a sudden the rest of your life follows suit: it becomes easy to say no to the things and the people and the events that do not serve you. And life begins to be filled with what you DO love. 

That's what my upcoming FREE training is all about. Carving out space and time for what you love--both in your physical world and in your mental world. I couldn't be more excited about it (more details to come later in the week). 

In the meantime, I have a series of videos for you. They've been circulating around Facebook this week, but I wanted to compile them in one place for you in case you've missed them. They are all short little bits of advice, tips you can easily use in your space to help you create the environment that makes being happy, easy

That's what we all want in life, after all: happiness

Enjoy!  :) Tenaya

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