[NEW TIP SHEET] How to create a space that boosts joy & productivity

Today, I share with you specific ways to boost the joy, productivity and creativity you experience in your life. 

You may not fully realize it, but all of those things: Joy... Productivity... Creativity, are intimately intertwined with how you feel about the spaces where you spend your time

Does your home inspire joy? Does your office create productivity? Is your organization conducive to greater creativity

In Feng Shui, there are 9 different areas of your life. You lay down what is called a Bagua Map over your floorplan in order to determine what areas of your life correspond to which areas of your home.

Once you have that information, it is so much easier to focus in on the areas of life where you could use a boost--by honing in on the opportunities to up-level that area of your home. 



The Creativity, Children, Joy & Productivity area of your home is the center, right, third of your home.

For detailed instructions on how to align the Bagua Map over your own floorplan, head on over to my introductory blog on how and why to align the Bagua

The joy, creativity, productivity and children area of life is so very important.

Without joy, without creativity, without productivity, you cannot hope to accomplish your dreams. In fact, without these things, you can't even access your dreams, what you desire, what you want most in life. 

Listen in as I outline the qualities of this Gua--or life area--and what colors, materials, shapes, images, objects and artwork you can use in that particular space in order to experience greater creativity, productivity and joy in your life. 

Not only do I boil down the depth of knowledge found in Feng Shui into easy ways you can put this ancient tradition to use in your space, but at the end of this post, I share with you a 1-page Tip Sheet for the Creativity & Joy area: easy ways to create more joy and productivity in your life by shifting the way you interact with your space. Huzzah!


To begin... 

There is an element associated with each Gua (life area)


is the element associated with the Creativity, Joy, Children & Productivity area. 

(Curious why these 4 qualities are lumped together? Take a look at my last BLOG!)

Soft metal is the particular type of metal associated with this area: malleable, undulating, but structural. This is the realm of creative projects, play, exploration, creation, destruction...

The focused energy needed to create new ideas. 

Metallics are the colors associated with the Metal element: gold, shiny grey, pastels, whites. 

white orchids.jpeg

Use metal colors in the Creativity & Children area to activate energy and create momentum in that area of your life. 

Not wild about metallic colors? You can also use shapes, images and objects that represent metal. 

SHAPE: The circle or oval is associated with metal. This specific area is associated with Arches (half circles/moons): which represent passageways out of the ordinary and connection with your own spiritual being. 

metal art and sky.jpeg

IMAGES, OBJECTS, MATERIALS: Shiny materials, reflective, like metals are supportive in this area, as well as any objects that are arched or circular in shape and images that depict these shapes or materials

metal rollercoaster.jpeg

Every element has a supporting element as well. When you feel the Joy, Creativity, Children or Productivity area of your life could use some added support, you can also utilize the supporting element. 


Earth is the element that supports Metal (think of how metal comes from earth). 

Feel free to use as many earth tones, as well as solid square shapes in the Creativity & Children area to help feed the metal energy that is the foundation for this area. 



In addition to helpful or supportive elements for particular areas of your home, there area also colors and elements to avoid

(Don't worry about keeping all this new information in your head! Scroll down for the all new Tip Sheet: How to Bring More Joy & Creativity Into Your Life!)

Water energy DRAINS metal energy (think of water condensing on a metal cup). This means it is best to avoid the colors, images and shapes that represent WATER in your Creativity & Children area as it will drain the metal energies you want in these spaces. 

AVOID: Blues & Blacks and anything Wavy

Fire energy MELTS Metal energy. Fire should be avoided in this area in order to allow the metal energies associated with your joy and creativity to thrive. Avoid representations of Fire in your Joy & Creativity area as well as anything in threes. 

AVOID: Fiery reds, bright orange & Triangles

The first step is to be clear on what your want your joy, creativity, children and productivity to look like in your life. Dig deep. Dream big. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? 

Only when you know what you want in this area of your life, can you go about creating a reflection of this desire in your space.

Our spaces tend to hold us back from transforming into the person we want to be. All of our things are reminders of the past. When you shift the way you live in your space and intentionally set it up to support the person you want to be going forward, dramatic transformations can occur, big opportunities will come and find you. 

It sounds so simple. And in many ways it is. There is an immense power just waiting for you under the surface of your spaces. When you live intentionally in your space and create a clear reflection of the joy, the creativity, the productivity you want to experience in life, those big dreams and desires come easily. 

Whatever your style is, whatever space you live in today, you can begin to utilize the elements and colors associated to intentionally bring more joy and creativity and productivity into your life. 

Take a look at YOUR Creativity & Children area in your home. Does the artwork reflect your joy? How could the space better support your creative and productive tendencies? There are always opportunities for improvement. Play around with it. Have fun! 


You can rest easy knowing that I've boiled down the basic concepts of the Creativity, Children, Joy & Productivity area into a 1-page Tip Sheet! Enter your email address below and I'll send the pdf right to your inbox!


Here's to creating the space that brings more joy, creativity and productivity into YOUR life!

:) Tenaya

P.S. The work that I do with clients in their spaces and their lives is work to shift the areas where they are struggling, stuck or unfulfilled. How are you feeling about your space? How are you feeling about your life? Generally the two overlap in amazing ways.

When you are ready to have support in your journey to up-level your life and create a space that supports your desires, drop me a line (tenaya@tpkfengshui.com) and we can find a time for a free discovery call. You know who you are. :)