How to bring helpful people into your life

We’ve come nearly full circle around the Bagua Map, beginning with your Journey or Career in life, moving clockwise around to the Helpful People, Community and Travel--our focus this month.

If you have missed our Feng Shui journey around the Bagua, the 9 different areas of your life may be new to you. (Refer back to past blogs on the previous 7 areas). Here is a brief recap.

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The Bagua Map is a Feng Shui tool you place down over the floorplan of your home, aligning the bottom (Self Knowledge, Journey, Community) with the wall that contains your true front door (the one where your street numbers are displayed).

This map is an incredible diagnostic tool, to help pinpoint specific shifts you can make in your space... in those areas of life of life that feel like a struggle. When you look to these corresponding areas of your home, there are almost always opportunities to remove that which causes difficulty (stagnation, clutter, things we own but don’t love, broken items, etc).

We often give less attention to the Helpful People, Community & Travel area of life than the all important Wealth, Work, Relationships & Health, but it’s influence in your life is vast and important.

Opposing areas of the Bagua always have great influence on one another. Helpful People sits opposite Abundance & Wealth. Achieving the Abundance you desire in your life has everything to do with your network, your community, the helpful people (and benefactors) you call-on in your life and what travel and connections you make.

All joy and success in life rests on the relationships you have with the people around you, the friendships, the community you build. Most of us find joy in being helpful to the people we love and in turn, it is important to be able to call on the helpful people in your life who will find joy in giving of their strengths.

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It is often the case that you have something fully figured out on your own--whether it’s your own spiritual path, what your ideal day looks like, or what’s for dinner--but when you come into contact with those around you, their opinions 'get in the way' and you realize how much of your own work you have left to do... all the work and growth in life brought on by those around you.

The interactions you have with the people around you are reflections of the growth you have yet to uncover.


Here’s an exercise for you:

Identify the Helpful People, Community & Travel area of your home. This area is the front right third of your house. (I walk you through how to place the Bagua Map over your home in this detailed blog post--check it out!)

What do you want that area of your life to look like--in an ideal world, with no holds barred? What kind of support do you want? How do you want to feel about it? What is the makeup of your ideal community? Is it local? Global? Do you have visions of travel in your future? Where to? With whom? What will it feel like to be there?

Here’s what I envision:

This area of my life is solid. I have extensive support easily accessible to me at all times and deep rooted friendships within my broader community. I make time for my friendships, near and far. Whenever I recognize that I am in need of help, the perfect person to reach out to comes to mind instantaneously. Many benefactors come to my aid in ways that fulfill their beliefs and satisfy my needs. Travel is in my future--work related and just plain vacation--with family, with friends, to warm luxurious places. 

This boils down to the feelings of: a solid foundation, space for everyone to come to the table, warmth and luxury.

Now take a look at this area of your home. Does it reflect the feeling that you want to have about this area of your life?

For example, in my home, the Helpful People area is my living room, where our stove keeps us cozy in the winter and the sun helps our plants thrive. I recently removed our dirty, old, energetically-crowded couch from that space and ever since then the area feels more spacious and satisfies more purposes. (Check out the VLOG if you don't like your couch or want to reimagine your spaces!)

The living room feels spacious and warm--with light pouring in--even luxurious at times... all feelings I want to feel in my ideal life within Community, Helpful People & Travel

I am on the lookout for the perfectly beautiful and comfortable couch that can take the wear and tear our young kids will inevitably give it. Like this one! Or that one! 

This will enable to the comfy seating to come up off the floor (always a good thing). In the meantime, everything in there is sturdy, solid, beautiful, with space for dreaming, for listening to intuition.

There is currently a whole bay window devoted to my daughter’s little kitchen, doll bed and fairy house. Eventually that will move to other locals, but in the meantime, the community support around us has much to do with raising children (it takes a village) so it is fitting.

This nook has housed a futon bed, a sitting area, a plant table, our Christmas tree. The space is far from stagnant!

What does this area of your home look like? What opportunities do you have to remove something you just don’t like? In what ways can this space more accurately reflect what you want this area of your life to look like? How can you make this space feel easier? Are there items that need fixing? Is it set up in a way that allows you to really decompress--take a load off--or does the space simply remind you of all you have to do? Is the space stagnant, or does it feel fresh and vital?

Your environment around you gives you cues about what your life is like. Does yours reflect the life you want to be living... the way you want to spend your time? 


When you experience a struggle in life, it is always reflected in your space. Want to learn more about how you can set up your space to release difficulty and reflect and attract the life you desire?

There are a few ways you can do this...

For the slow drip, stay tuned for the upcoming Tip Sheet and blog post on the qualities of this particular Bagua area and the colors, materials and shapes you can use to better support the Community, Helpful People and Travel area of your home and life. So much good content to come.

For a quicker route towards your own happiness, drop me a line. My clients are those who have decided that they don’t want to reinvent the wheel, they don’t want to dabble in continually trying to make life better, they want a clear path towards a more satisfying  existence and they are ready for a shift now.

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This time you are given is precious. Free up your time, your space, your life in order to make the most of yours!

In support of you and your desired life,

:) Tenaya