[VLOG] How toxic is the clutter in your life?

This month we tune into your health.

This is the final stop on our journey of the Bagua we've explored over the past 9 months. It is also the most important, the foundation for all the other parts of your life. 


There is NOTHING more important than health. When you're unwell (of body or mind) it is difficult to experience happy relationships, success at work, wealth rolling in, recognition for your strengths. 

Your health is at the center of your happiness, your well-being, your ability to shine forth your strengths. 

The interesting part is that each and every one of our homes is generally full of things that deplete our health (mental and physical), drain our energy and suck our precious time. If you've been following me for long, you can probably guess what I'm talking about... 

Listen in to my latest VLOG to hear the two specific ways you can intentionally bring more flow and energy to your health, your vitality, your ability to THRIVE. 

Looking forward to sharing more this month about how you can feel better in your body and your mind by shifting your space in small ways and big. In the meantime, soak up this energy of seasonal transition, in which you may feel the urge to purge and create a space that will support you in the months to come. 

Follow that intuition, 

:) Tenaya

P.S. Here are some floorplans to help you visualize where the health area--the very central heart--may be in your home. 

310 N 4TH flrpln w Bagua crop.JPG