Baby Steps to a Big Transformation--How it all started with my closet.

Baby Steps to a Big Transformation.png

As I help my clients create the transformation in their spaces they would like to see reflected in their lives, I am constantly reminded of my own journey from chaos & clutter to calm & connected... and how it all started with a closet.

So today I'm sharing with you a visual story of the baby steps I took to achieve a big transformation.

Before I KonMari'd my own closet, I never liked my wardrobe, never felt like I had settled on a style I was comfortable with. I didn't really feel at ease in my own clothing. That sort of low-lying repetitive physical discomfort can easily be reflected in your emotional self (which was certainly true for me).

When I first pulled out every single top I owned into one pile, I had to take a picture--I was dumbfounded by the size of the pile. I didn't even like clothing and I had this many tops?! You can see the blue tub that emerged from the basement in order to really get all my tops--in season and out--in one place (how was it that I had clothing scattered in so many places in my home?!).

As you can see, my space was pretty full: crib and rocker next to the bed (ahh, those were the days :)), and the relatively small closet I shared with my husband in the background.

(You can also see that I must have been interrupted mid-process (hungry babe?) because above you can see my cat happily snoozing at the heart of the pile. :))

Here's the state of my space after my initial 'closet challenge.' Spacious? Yes. Everything I need? Amazingly, yes. Feels better? Absolutely! Inspiring? Not so much.

But it's just a closet? It's not supposed to be inspiring, right? I had never thoughtabout trying to make my closet be a joyful place to open every morning. (And this is me we're talking about--I spend 90% of my creative power thinking about spaces & LOVING every second of it!)

My closet didn't undergo a full transformation until after I'd opened up much more space in my entire house (space to think clearly, to intuit ideas, to allow my inner self to transform along with the outer changes I was making).

KonMari's second book: Spark Joy, planted the seed in me to create a mini oasis in my closet. Here's the thing: I've been telling myself and my clients for years about how important it is to have a space that is all your own. I never thought my closet could be that. (I didn't have space for that thought because my closet was so overflowing!)

I got so enamored with the idea, that I decided to take my clothes out of my shared closet with my husband, and house them in part of my office closet (which had a little room thanks to my KonMari efforts throughout the house).

And here's the result:

It's still quite a small closet space (though I love my built in drawers!), and I still, amazingly, have space for everything I need (my outerwear lives in a separate closet :)).

I have the pictures up that I love--the ones my husband doesn't fully appreciate. I love picking out clothing every morning. I love all the color. I love that it is its own mini-oasis. 


You can see the pile o' shoes at the bottom of the image above. It took me awhile to figure out how to best house those.

Just yesterday, in fact, I put in the rack down below, which, along with the hanging rack you see up against the side of my drawers, fits all my shoes.

I am constantly amazed by the fact that after I KonMari a category, I all of a sudden have the all the space I need to house what I love. Blows my mind every time. Joy! 

If you'd like to hear more about the concrete ways you can create an inspiring home that reflects and allows-in the life you really want, then you're in luck (I LOVE to talk about that! :)).

If you'd like to be able to take a concrete leap in the right direction, stay-tuned--you have something very exciting coming your way. I'm just bursting--I can hardly keep it to myself!

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Stay tuned this week for more stories of transformation. Brief, and beautiful stories (and pictures!) of the little baby steps others have taken to really live the life they desire.

In gratitude, 

:) Tenaya