Does YOUR closet reflect what you want in your love life?

I promised you a brief and beautiful story of transformation. Today I bring you the photos of a physical transformation within a space. Tomorrow I bring you an emotional transformation that came about after touching the physical space.

Without further ado, I bring you the closet of a Closet Challenger from last spring. As you can see, the space is quite overwhelming. With the notion that like-attracts-like, it is so easy for a closet space to devolve into this state. One shirt gets lodged on top of the bar, and the next time you look there are four!

After the Closet Challenge, she was quite happy with her clothing and the state of her closet. It's so much easier to be greeted with space and order every morning--so much less stress-inducing!!

That being said, it can be disconcerting to open up a space and have it be so empty. It can make you feel a bit hollow, like you need to fill it up again, and quickly! That means it's important to take action to create spaces that are just the right amount of full (just the way you want your life to be :)). 

Low and behold, this particular Closet Challenger was ready to take the plunge into my 10-week Clear Your Space Course. She was starting off on a fantastic foot, with her closet already complete (though this is not true of many course members).

She diligently took each baby step along the path to a home that made her feel joyful when she walked inside. There were ups and downs, moments of ecstasy and enthusiasm, followed by bouts of uncertainty. That is the way of things.

You create physical space, which allows an emotional opening. That opening feels amazing, but also new and different. Fear seeps in, the rational mind does it's best to keep you right where you are, because it's comfortable. You wonder if you're on the right path.

Whenever you are in a state of inaction, it's easy for doubt to creep in. Taking that next step, that next small action, allows for the ease to return, the energy, the inspiration. And take action she did.

Turns out that closet is a large chunk of the relationship area of her home. In Feng Shui, every area of your home relates to an area of your life--meaning you can intentionally shift a space in order to create what you want in that area of your life.

She happened to want to bring the right relationship into her life. And so after the initial clearing, making space for that opportunity, she began to fine tune the space to reflect what she wanted in a relationship (a happy pairing, true connection).

The result is just lovely (don't you think?!). Clearly more inspired than after the initial purge: a mini closet oasis--with space for a new relationship. I love how you can take a closet that is not necessarily ideal, and make it fully functional and fun to open up.

I also want to point out how much space there is for her. Generally, when a relationship is not coming your way, it's because you have something to work out on your own first (often it relates to self-love and knowing fully that you are lovable--just the way you are, no matter what you've done in your past or how you've been treated).

As she went through the remainder of her things, she found that she was holding onto some small, but significant items from a past relationship--a relationship that ended with a good deal of hurt and loss of trust.

When you go through this process in your home, there are always many opportunities for thanking and releasing parts of your past that don't make you feel happy. It can take time, but the physical release is a powerful way to achieve greater emotional opening.

You can feel the joy radiating from the closet--which, this member informs me--is easier than ever to keep clean.

Well, there you have it. If you want the opportunity to connect with me live and have me walk you through how to create a closet oasis, how to transform your mornings in just 5 days, then you are in luck!!

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:) Tenaya