one of my favorite stories of transformation

Today I promised you the story of an emotional transformation that came about after altering physical space. This particular story is the kind you love to hear about, the kind that ends with an emotional connection, an intimate relationship that feels so right.

It always works that way, by the way...

  • You make space in your home, intentionally (knowing what you want to come of it).
  • The newly accessible physical space creates an opening for you to see something greater, for you to understand something about yourself.
  • This inspires an intuition about what you should do next (move my bed!).
  • You listen to the intuition, make the change, create more space.
  • You realize that the space you created allowed you to clear out the stagnation, to clean up the physical dust-bunnies littering your home and your emotional being.
  • This allows you greater emotional understanding.
  • And the cycle goes on and on, step-by-step toward whatever transformation you're after, the one you intentionally write about and think about and feel good about.

So on to the story--which very much follows that trajectory. This particular client lives in a home that is also her business. That means that the majority of her personal effects are delegated to her bedroom, which she was unsure of how to organize.

She had newly left the father of her child, and was feeling incredibly downhearted about having someone ever love her. She felt dejected, lonely and without much love for herself.

The start of the course was tricky for her: Clothing. For some, this category is daunting, and that's how she felt about it.

What you wear and how you feel about your clothing, says a lot about how you feel about yourself and the confidence you project into the world.

She was diligent. She hit blocks around being able to feel any joy--let alone determining whether a piece of clothing brought her joy. She found that instead of picking up each item, she could simply touch it and began to feel what reaction it inspired in her body.

After that initial burst of energy in the course, we turn to the Bedroom. We spend 1/3 of our lives in our bedroom. And when that space has subtle stressors...

  • heavy things hanging over your bed,
  • storage under your bed,
  • a bed positioned so you can't see the door to the room from where you sit against the headboard
  • a beam dividing your bed
  • the list goes on and on...

It can affect the quality of your sleep as well as the strength of your intimate relationship (or your ability to attract a partner).

    There is SO MUCH you can do to bring the energy of a loving relationship into your life by looking to your bedroom.

    Her bedroom happened to be in the relationship area of her house (though it isn't always) and so as she began to shift her bedroom, she also set very clear intentions about what she wanted in that area of her life.

    The clearer you can get, the more often you write these down, the easier it will be to attract exactly that into your life. For example:

    "I am in love with my life and will attract a partner who loves me for my authentic self"

    Her bed was a sweet antique piece that had been hers growing up. Unfortunately, it was metal, with metal bars for the headboard (you know the type). Metal attracts electromagnetic radiation, which has been proven to be disruptive to sleep patterns. A bed frame with metal bars can also, subconsciously, make you feel as though you are sleeping in jail, or like your relationship (or lack of) is confining you.

    She was not really attached to it, and so she immediately began looking for a new bed frame. When you know exactly what you are looking for and focus on how fantastic it will be once that thing is in your life, often, the item simply comes to you. No joke.

    She found a bed frame with a solid wood headboard (the best kind) at a furniture consignment store that she LOVED. Brought it home, so inspired, and realized that the runners on the sides weren't the right ones for the bed. Shoot. The consignment store couldn't find the correct ones and so her bed sat on the floor... for weeks.

    Progress tends to come in fits and starts like that. The more you shift, the more your ego will cry out for life to stay the same. And when you latch on to those fears that arise, (as it is so easy to do), you begin to move back towards your comfort, questioning your own desire to transform.

    When your space is not coming together the way you imagine, it often has to do with some emotional work that needs attending to first.

    You desire something so intently, but do you expect to receive it?

    If not, your desires and your expectations are in conflict and there's no way to make forward progress.

    And so she fluctuated, ups and downs, hitting resistance, searching for that sweet spot of allowing... working through some serious doubts around self worth (we've all been there).

    Before long, a girlfriend came to her assistance with the right tool and her bed was fully functional--hooray!

    Her room began to reflect the partnership she had yearned for her whole life. The space was sweet and simple and thoroughly reflected her true nature.

    She ended the course on a high--feeling more confident than ever, LOVING her new found space, having touched everything in her home. She said:

    "Letting go of personal belongings has helped me let go of emotional weightiness that isn't serving me. Having a more supportive physical space has changed how I go through the emotional ups and downs. I've been able to let go more quickly and not be dragged down as deep when I'm feeling down. Life is moving in really a wonderful direction." 

    Some short months after she transformed her bedroom, she told me that the most wonderful man had come into her life. She had never felt this sort of connection with anyone before. The first time they met, they ended up talking for hours, not even noticing the time go by.

    Last time I saw her, she was radiant. She looked healthier and happier than I have ever seen her. Her new found love doesn't live in the same town, but she really loves being long distance, having some weekends together to look forward to. She loves having her own space and time--she is finally at home in her own body and space.

    I love those stories of transformation. Changing your space can truly change your life. In fact, I've found that it's the easiest way to achieve the life you want.

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    :) Tenaya