[YEAR-IN-REVIEW WORKSHOP] What did you accomplish in 2017?

How often do you look back to see what you've accomplished over the past 3 months? The past year? Many people never do. 

As you approach the end of the year and begin to think of all the possibility to come in the new one, it is vital to look back at the year behind you to see what you can glean, what you want to do differently, what you did well. 

That's what will allow you to step into your own potential. 

That's why I sat with a group of you for an hour on my Sunday and walked you through the process I use to take stock of the year. 

  • What have I accomplished? 
  • What lessons have I learned? 
  • What strengths do I embody? 
  • What weaknesses become clear? 

These are the important but not urgent sorts of inner work that will make all the difference in your life. 

Carve out an hour of your time. Brew up a cup of something tasty and settle in with the largest piece of paper you can find and a few pens. You'll be glad you did!

For those of you listening in the week of December 11-16, you have the opportunity to connect with me one-on-one for a complimentary Discovery Call to dig down into the struggles you're experiencing, where you'd rather be and if the work I do is the kind of support you need to move forward with confidence and direction in 2018!

Here is the link to the Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind Course - that begins just after the New Year. This is the one opportunity you have to become a member of the community for a whole year! 

Looking forward to connecting with you!

:) Tenaya