Intuition & Why now is the time to dive in!

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What does intuition have to do with Feng Shui you may ask?

The answer: Everything.

Feng Shui is intuitive to its very core (the westernized version more so for you and me). Most of the core principles of Feng Shui are things that you may have thought of in your space, but perhaps not given heed or import to because you didn’t realize there was an ancient art of creating supportive spaces that backed your inklings of truth.

Intuition is one of those senses that is underdeveloped in most of us (I know it was in me). As children, we are taught to use and develop the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Case studies have shown that when these are not developed, for whatever reason, we lose our ability to use them to their full capacity. The same is true for intuition - yet we are often not taught how use these capacities.

I recently uncovered a Mothering magazine that made it through my intensive KonMari purge years ago (a once in a lifetime decluttering event to create an easy to maintain home that never again requires decluttering - I highly recommend it). I mention this, because it is notable that it made it through - not many a magazine did.

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On the cover of this December 2009 issue: Teach Your Child to Trust Intuition. I reread the article, that outlined just why and how you might do this - as it is not something common to many westernized cultures.

Well worth the save. I’ve already begun to make up my own little intuitive games with my daughter - or to capitalize on the ways she thinks to do this on her own. I’m amazed by how often this happens fluidly and how much we both enjoy them.

Reading the article made me think of the work that I do and how often I hear: “I thought that was a good idea!” or “That’s how I feel about couches!” when I let people in on the many Feng Shui tips to set up your space - be that to welcome helpful people into your life or feel more secure in your job or connected in your relationship.

Listening to your intuition will always allow what you need into your life.

The major caveat: Fear. There is a big difference between taking action from a place of inspiration, and taking action from a place of fear.

The simplest way to tell the difference?

Fear never feels good.

A little healthy dose to urge you along down your path is slightly different - that can feel energized. Inspiration or intuition? That feels right, aligned... like you’re not sure why you’re doing something, but you are, because you had the undeniable urge.

This is my tip for the day, on this Feng Shui Friday:

When you have the urge, the inspiration… take action.

That is your intuition telling you that if you move your couch to a new location, it will inspire you to take a load off and connect more deeply with your loved ones.  

It is your intuition that says "take a hike" when you have an afternoon of work ahead of you that seems daunting - and on the hike not only do you run into someone who opens a door for you, but you return with greater capacity to accomplish all the important things with ease.  

Your inspiration directs you to the right move at the right time.

Like this week just after the new moon, when I decided it was time to go through my books again. The shelf was feeling crowded (as tends to happen as gifts or additional books are added to the collection). I started with 35 books (let me assure you, this is at least 100 fewer than I used to own, prior to my KonMari purge), and easily culled 6 from the collection, which made just enough impact for my shelves to feel orderly and spacious again.

The reason I was drawn to this particular area? It has been feeling stagnant, unloved. I intended to tackle it over the holidays, but life had me sitting in the lounger with my 3 year old instead, doing the only thing she would let me do: snuggle her.

The bookshelf also resides in the  health area of my home (at the very center). As I mentioned, my family’s health has been compromised since Christmas. My focused intention this month - that I make each New Moon - had everything to do with restoring Health: physically and otherwise. 

Here's a day she accepted her brother in my place. You can tell life is out of the ordinary with breakfast served in the chaise lounge!

Here's a day she accepted her brother in my place. You can tell life is out of the ordinary with breakfast served in the chaise lounge!

When the Health area (or any area) of your home is overly full, it’s difficult for any new energy to find you. When it is stagnant, stagnation will be present in the health you experience.

I love it when I follow my intuitions. I was able to cull my books in half an hour, clean and reset the altar the lives on the eye-level book shelf, as well as tackle the kids games (with the help of my 8 year old and his joy) that have a home on the bottom two shelves.

Using your joy as the reason why something stays or goes, makes the process quick and easy. (For anyone interested in learning more about this, give the life-changing magic of tidying up a read or get in touch for support as you walk through this process.)

Following your intuition often leads you to rearrange your living room, or your bedroom. For those of you who do this regularly - you know who you are - know that every time you unearth those dust bunnies and refresh your space, you are giving new life to some aspect of your life.

Anyone who does this knows the feeling that comes along with this rearrange: a lightness and joy, added energy and inspiration in life. It feels GOOD!

My advice to you this Friday: Follow your inspiration in your space.

If yours is hidden away for lack of attention, then simply notice anytime you have an urge that feels right. As often as you possibly can, take that action. The more you do this, the more you develop your own intuitive powers, which are arguably more powerful than your other five senses put together.

Let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear the inspirations you followed and what resulted for you.

For me, this often looks like: an ease of completing a task, showing up at the right time and the right place - allowing a conversation with just the person to help you with a current struggle, taking a nap when my body is tired - despite the work that awaits - with time to spare for everything that is important when I wake up more aligned and focused.

Listen to your body.

Listen to your space. It will tell you what it needs when you pay attention.  

:) Tenaya

P.s. For specific direction in your space and a head-start on your intuitive powers, get in touch. We can set up a time to connect over the phone and explore if the work I do is the right work for you, right now.