[VLOG] Self Knowledge & Wisdom: How to create the space that inspires YOU

As the New Year passes and you settle into the daily rhythm of your life, it can feel as though the good intentions you had for new beginnings are less essential and the outcome further away than you'd like. I feel it too.

Today's video log is a glimpse into how you can find and look to the Self Knowledge & Wisdom area of your home in a way that can inspire you afresh and help you appreciate where you are right now.

Creating a space (however small) that accurately reflects YOU--the growth you continue to make and the aspirations you have in life--is incredibly helpful for those days when your inspiration flags.

Listen in & gain some inspiration to begin--that's the hardest part.

Not sure how to align the Bagua Map over your home? Check out my blog post on how and why you might do that

Here's the floorplan of my own home with the Bagua Map overlaid. 



Here's to faith in the journey, 

:) Tenaya