[VLOG] How to shower your loved ones with appreciation

As we come squarely into the month of February, love is in the air. 

I've never been one to place much import in Valentine's Day, but I think that was because the marketers got to me and I thought the holiday was all about buying things for your loved ones. Don't get me wrong, flowers and dark chocolate are fabulous, but if you know me, you know that stuff is not always my cup of tea. 

Now the holiday makes me think about all the depth there is to the notion of love, all the ways to shower love and attention and show your appreciation for your loved ones. 

And so, in this month where our focus is on Self Knowledge & Wisdom, I have a short little video log for you where I share alternative ways to shower love and appreciation on your loved ones (and yes, of course, it has to do with your space :)).