[NEW TIP SHEET] Ever had difficulty with a family member?

In this third month of the year, I promised to share with you our third Bagua area of focus: Family & Ancestry. But then I got a bit distracted planning this awesome challenge I have starting up next week! (if you haven't signed up yet, make sure you do so here.)

So on this last day of March, I have for you a tip sheet all around how to set up the Family & Ancestry (& parenting) area of your home in a way that will offer you the full support you deserve in this area of your life. (Not sure where the Family & Ancestry area of your home is? Check out my blog post on how to align the Bagua Map over your space.)

Check out your Tip Sheet below!

The Family & Ancestry area is all about deep roots--your long line of ancestors, the deep rooted family ties, the deep learning that often has to happen to make these relationships successful. 

This area is governed by the Wood element (think deep rooted trees, green plants and new spring growth). There is movement to this element, but it is slow and deep (not fast and furious like fire energy). 

Pay attention to this area of your home if you have struggles or stagnant places around this area of your life. I'll give you an example. 

When I moved back to my hometown with my young family (6 years ago this summer), we parked ourselves in a sweet little rental home on the same block as my mom's place--with backyards that connected. 

My mom's property is AMAZING. She took a long narrow backyard lawn and over the past 15 years, turned it into a gorgeous landscape of rock walls, secret gardens and fruit trees. It was the perfect place for our family; my two year old son could come and go as he pleased between the two homes. 

My mom also runs a children's sanctuary (as she calls it): Owl House, out of the main house on her property. The gardens and the home are designed with 1-5 year-olds in mind--since they are the ones that enjoy it every day--with pathways and climbing trees, a zip line and chicken coop. It's fantastic. 


It would be an understatement to say that we were thrilled to land where we did. 

But moving back to my home town brought up a whole slew of feelings--issues I thought I'd dealt with in my 15 year hiatus, but that simply had not been triggered in that time. 

I was struggling in my relationship with my mom. Not only was I confronted with all these feelings I hadn't revisited since high school, but I was living next door and we saw A LOT of each other. 

This inspired in me an intense amount of inner work, work that I had to do to be where I am now, in my business, in my life, in the positive relationship I now enjoy with my mom. 

Like most challenges that arise, they had everything to do with ME. We only have control over ourselves. If someone is inspiring difficult feelings in you, the only thing you can control is how you react, the way you feel

You cannot change someone else to make your life easier, but you can change YOURSELF--train yourself--to react in ways that support you, that make you feel good. That is the most important thing, because it is from that good feeling place, where all your power lies, all your resources, all your inspired actions. 

Family relationships can be fraught with difficulty. But there is so much support that can come from feeling positively about your family, your ancestral line, from allowing that wisdom into your life. Often this requires growth, when you're ready for it. 

If you want to improve the way you feel about your family & ancestors, then take a look at this area of your home. Are there stuck and stagnant places where drawers and closets are crammed full of god knows what? Clearing those out is the first step toward creating the space for new opportunities and new ways of being to come into your life. 

Take a look at the tip sheet for more ways to bring this area of your life back into alignment. 

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:) Tenaya