[VLOG] Do your things have a Place of Purpose?

I know, just like me, you've experienced the way that things collect on all your surfaces. 

This is the Law of Attraction at work, where like attracts like. You put one item down on a clean surface and the next time you walk by, there are 5 things! 

Today's brief VLOG is about the incredible power and ease that can come when everything in your home as a Place of Purpose. 

With two kids running around, I'm a sucker for ways I can make my home easier to maintain, ways I can spend less time dealing with my stuff and more time enjoying the stages of their childhood. 

If you're ready to free up time and space for what YOU love, I highly encourage you to sign up for my free 5-day Make Space for the Life You Want CHALLENGE that begins on Monday. It's an amazing way to take that first step towards a space that is easier to maintain, more joyful to spend time in. 

See you in the challenge!

:) Tenaya