A penny for your thoughts + a chance to WIN!

It seems spring has sprung early in many places in the states, but here in south central Idaho, it has felt like the heart of winter these past weeks. Storm after storm rolling in with snow and freezing temperatures... until this morning.

I stepped outside and things felt... different. My nearly 3-year-old daughter immediately noticed the clear roads and requested to "bike" to "school". On our glorious 4 block walk (with her on her pedal-less bike), we first heard, and then saw 3 different flocks of geese heading north.

I cannot tell you what joy and hope rose in my heart today feeling spring on her way. You see, this is the view out my front door at the moment...It has been a fun, yet snow filled winter. :)

With this newfound joy and hope, I am reaching out to you, to find out what you struggle with most in your space.

Spring is an AMAZING time to look at your space with fresh eyes and by filling out this 3 question survey, not only will I be better able to help you with your struggles, but...

I will also ENTER YOU IN A RAFFLE TO WIN a phone consultation with yours truly (a $200 value) where we can really dig into your space to find out how it's holding you back.

So head on over, take 3 minutes to lend yourself and myself a little clarity.

Then head on out and soak up some sunshine. Spring is upon us!

:) Tenaya