[VLOG] Did you want your life to be so complicated?

If you've been with me for awhile, you are probably becoming more and more aware of the ways in which your environment impacts your well being. 

One area that tends to get A LOT less attention than the other places in your home, is the closet where you house your clothing. 

Why is this area so important? 

It has to do with the sheer repetition of how often we interact with this space. At least twice a day, if not more often, we'll open up our closet, or walk inside to get (un)dressed. The state of that closet will impact how we feel after that experience (uplifted, ready to face the world, or weighed down, with higher stress levels). 

If I told you that there was an easy way for you to reduce the amount of stress you experience every day, wouldn't you want to do that? Heck yes! There are enough ways in which stress comes into our lives. Why not eliminate the environmental stressors? The environment around you and how stressful it is, is something that you have complete control over (yes, even those of you who live with others!). 

Listen in to hear how you can make your life easier, more stress-free. Listen in to the way your environment makes your life so much more complicated. 

The (Pay-What-You-Want) Closet Challenge can get you pointed in the right direction, can create a space that you open up again and again, just to see how amazing it looks (and feels). 

Check it out!!