[VLOG] Do you want your morning to be stress-free?

Think about all the things you do every morning, from your bathroom routine to getting dressed, to habits you have around exercise and your state of mind. 

The closet is one place that gets less attention than it should. This is a space that you open up or walk into each and every day--generally in the morning--in order to get dressed and start your day. 

The environment around you has an immense ability to impact the course of your day.

Does your closet uplift you? Or does it bring you energy down? Do you love each and every article of clothing, or are there some that you're attached to, but never wear or feel uncomfortable in when you do put them on? 

Listen in to hear how one of my clients easily shifted her environment in order to reduce any unnecessary stress she experienced at the beginning of her day. 

You can do this too!

The Closet Makeover I'm offering (now through Thursday, June 15!) is a way to transform your mornings in just 5 days. 

Not only is this an incredible opportunity to intentionally design your space to reduce stress, but I'm offering it on a Pay-What-You-Want basis, with all proceeds going to support my son's amazing Waldorf Charter school. 

Win, win, win, win!!!

Head on over, see if the Closet Makeover is for you. Donate whatever amount speaks to your heart and get ready to create an incredible shift in your environment that will open up opportunties for transformation in your greater life!

So excited to get started!

:) Tenaya