[VLOG] Do you absolutely adore your clothing?

Do you absolutely adore all of your clothing? 

There are very few people who can say a resounding 'Yes!' to that question.

Think about it. Are you holding on to clothes you might wear someday (when you have a different job or lifestyle, when you lose 10 pounds)? 

When you hold on to the clothing you might wear someday, you are effectively telling your future self that you will not be supported, that what you need will not come your way--and that is the future you create for yourself.

Is that the mindset you want to have about your future? Of course not!

And yet, we all hold on to so many things for that very reason. There is a whole world of psychology around that phenomenon, that I won't get into right now (I may find it more fascinating than you do!). 

Listen in as I share with you the immense transformation that happened to me when I finally let go of the clothing (just the clothing) that I didn't love, that no longer served me. 

I want this transformation, this potential, this possibility for EVERYONE, which is why I am so thrilled to offer up The Closet Makeover: a way to transform your mornings in just 5 days on a Pay-What-You-Want basis, with all proceeds going to support my son's amazing Waldorf Charter school!!!

I'm just bubbling over at the opportunity to provide you with a huge boost in your inner and outer transformation, and the ability to create that for yourself with a huge amount of support, while allowing you to donate--whatever amount speaks to you--to a fantastic cause. 

It doesn't get any better than that!