[VLOG] What to do about the stuck parts of your life

Each and every one of us has an area of life that feels a bit stuck. Sometimes you are in a place where you are more attuned to the feeling, sometimes life is so busy it's difficult to pay attention to how you feel

The work that I do with my clients is that work of becoming more attuned to how you feel now versus how you want to feel in your ideal existence--no holds barred... and bringing the feeling you want, into your daily life NOW. 

When part of your life is stagnating, you will see a reflection of that in your space, with an area of your home (a closet, a cabinet, a drawer, a basement, a garage) that is also stagnant, with not much energy flowing in. When you don't use a space, that's what happens. 

Thing is, most people have things in their lives that they are intentionally not using, even if they love them. 

Your things tell a story of your life. Your space is a reflection of you. When you keep only the things that you absolutely adore, then you are telling the story of the life you want to live. 

In this Vlog, I share with you one powerful way in which you can unstick the stuck parts of your life.

I also talk about the key to letting go of inherited items that you don't like. 

When there is an area of your life that feels a bit stuck, listen in to hear what you can do in your space to get the energy flowing again in your life. That is the energy that brings opportunity your way. 

Is there something you're yearning for that isn't coming your way? Chances are, there's stagnant energy lingering in your space and once you get the energy flowing again, it will be so much easier to get what you want. 

When you feel the way you want to feel, life becomes easy, enjoyable, fulfilling... which is what I wish for you all. 

Listen in!

When you're ready to take the next step and bring an incredible amount of energy into your life, get in touch (tenaya@tpkfengshui.com) and we'll find a time for a complimentary discovery call. 

Looking forward to connecting with you, 

:) Tenaya