Happy February! Looking for a little unconditional love?

Happy February! There is a distinct shift that happened from January to February this year - and it doesn’t only have to do with the darkest part of the year being behind us with spring off on the horizon.

Many of you may have witnessed the Full, Super Blue Blood Moon and total lunar eclipse on January 31. If I’m perfectly honest with you, I was still in bed for most of it, but caught the tail end of an amazing, hazy red moon (in and out of the clouds)... not fully realizing the wonder it would instill in me on first sight.

Life leading up to the full moon in my home was intense - big, deep, long standing issues bubbling to the surface, uncertainty, frustrations, wild dreams and intense emotion. When I saw that moon, I could tell there was a shift in the air - so I did some research.

You may know that eclipses are about closing old doors and opening new ones - a marker of letting go, releasing what no longer serves. Full moons are generally emotional times, but this particular moon, in it’s closest pass to the earth, with the earth’s shadow obscuring it, was even more potent. Could you feel it too?

In looking into the celestial event, I found a few ritual suggestions that I recreated in my own space yesterday - I could feel the angst and tension from the month melting away. Check them out if you like this sort of ritual as much as I do!

The shift for me, has been about tapping into unconditional love, the gentle side of my spirit shining light to melt my demons away.

I find this fitting as we shift into February - the month of love. Boy do I ever have a lot of love coming your way!

First off, I’ll be re-releasing a few blog posts & Tip Sheet from last summer all about the Relationship Area of your home and life. Get excited for concrete ways you can simplify your space to attract simple happiness into your life!

Coming this month...

Even better...

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be receiving an invitation to join me for a few Live Workshops specifically about

  • Enhancing Your Relationship &…

  • Attracting the Relationship You Want into Your Life

(all by shifting your space).

I will be offering up a few “hot seats” in these workshops - chances to get my expert advice (at no cost!) specifically on your space and your struggles.

There will be no replay of these Workshops.

(You will be able to access them at a later date as a part of a relationship package for purchase - at an entry level price point - on my website.)

So, if you know, right now, that you want help livening up, stabilizing or unsticking your current relationship or… you want help attracting the right mate into your life, keep your ears and eyes open as the month progresses for great content AND the opportunity to work with me in this workshop setting!!

Happy February!

Sending a little unconditional love your way,

:) Tenaya