Did you know? My BIG, little announcement...

As some of you know, there are big shifts about in my home, in my business, in my life as a whole… big shifts that have created HUGE opportunities for growth.

This growth has come in many forms, often in the spiritual side of my life, in truly maintaining trust that Everything is Always Working Out for Me (try that mantra on for size, it feels good!). Trusting that all is meant to be - that I am right where I need to be… that…

Everything I need has been and will continue to show up exactly when and as I need it.

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Late this summer I was planning out the remainder of the year: the opportunities I would offer through my work, the growth I wanted to achieve personally and professionally. Despite the great plans to stretch out of my comfort zone - to reach high - I felt a lack of alignment. It wasn’t the discomfort of change, it was different.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I could feel its presence.

So I consciously let go. Told the universe that I was open to whatever direction I was meant to take. That I truly trust what I need will come my way. And… that I wanted a clear sign. None of this wishy-washy, ‘what does that mean’ sort of sign. Clear as day.

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Well, after having thoroughly and thoughtfully planned the year ahead, after committing to an immense amount of growth and expansion in my business, I found out…


...I’m pregnant!


Talk about a clear sign. The universe, true to form, answered my call - though not exactly in the way I’d imagined. Be careful what you ask for. :) 

My plans for the year ahead came to a grinding halt.

And yet, I was able to take a step back, as well as a few much-needed days to reorient and replan... what emerged was the most beautiful vision of how to not only take care of my needs through pregnancy and postpartum and transitioning to being a mom of three (zone defense, I hear :))...

mountain and sea vista.jpeg

… But an aligned version of the growth I could create in my business, of the way I would be able to set myself up for a mini-sabbatical, while still maintaining the connection I’ve created with so many of you.

And let me tell you, I am SO excited. Not only for the new life that is growing inside me - which is thrilling - but for the plans I have for you, dear reader.

Having passed through an emotional rollercoaster of sorts during my first trimester - with unexpected big bleeds and having to return constantly to that trust - I am squarely in the midst of the beautifully creative second trimester of pregnancy.

The babe should come near the end of May.

In the meantime, I am in the thick of producing content and videos, tip sheets and workshops based on what you, my friend, told me you need in your life.

Coming Your Way… a slow drip of fantastic ways for you to:

  • Create the space around you that reflects the life you want.
  • To feel the ability to control the well-being you feel every day.
  • To sink deeper into your own intuitive knowledge around what you want in your life.

… All accessed through your space and what it says about you, how it holds you back, the little (and big) ways you can shift it to experience a simpler, happier life.

As a result of this HUGE, little shift coming this spring...

... I am only taking on private clients in these first few months of the year.

Right now, I have just three openings to work with you on this deeper level!

If you’re interested or think you need a shift in your space and your life, get in touch before the opportunity passes! We can set up a time for a discovery call to dig down and get clarity around what you want in your life, and talk about the next steps that can help you get there (whether that is working with me, or some other form of support).

Turns out, life is a lot easier, when you have the support you need.

You can experience exponential growth, true transformation when you invest in your own well-being (which radiates out into the well-being of those around you).

Tell me, what do you want out of this year ahead?

This is both the time when our goals for the year are at the forefront of our minds, but also when we’re a month into the New Year and may feel some doubt creeping in around whether we can actually achieve them...

surrender to the greater.jpeg

Bring these dreams to life. Reach out today for your free discovery call!

:) Tenaya