Learn how to use your bedroom to support your relationship

Last night I dreamt of my childhood bedroom. It was more of a nightmare - bears had gained entrance to the walkout basement space where my room was and I couldn’t escape them. It was terrifying to be up close and personal with such immense, wild and unpredictable power.

The dream brought back into vivid memory the bed my dad built into my bedroom:

It was every child’s dream bed, and every Feng Shui practitioner’s nightmare.

I requested a bed perched high above a row of bookshelves and two rows of drawers. My dad, the fine woodworker that he is, built just that.

The storage areas only took up one long side of the twin bed, with open storage under the far side - a long cave of a space (again, every child’s dream). The open storage often became the dumping ground for anything and everything when it came time to clean up my room.

Not only did this mean that I was literally sleeping on top of all my books and whatever I stored in the drawers, but also above the heaping pile of stuff that I threw into the little cave-like open storage. Not a recipe for a good night's sleep. 

Kind of like this, but a lot higher...

Kind of like this, but a lot higher...

Above my bed my dad installed a shelf for a book and a glass of water, but because the bed was built into a corner, that meant the shelf hung directly over my head as I slept.

The other unfortunate piece that was directly over my head was a fan that blew the warm air down from the wood stove on the floor above (practically speaking, not a bad idea). This often meant that I was sleeping with air (and energy) being pushed directly down on to my head and shoulders as I slept. As you can imagine, this too, is problematic. 

Bedrooms are incredibly important spaces. We spend a third of our lives there, in our most vulnerable state: sleeping. In this vulnerable state, we are quite susceptible to subtle energetic forces. Often these rooms are not set up to be restful and we end up having difficulty sleeping (an epidemic in America). We awake exhausted rather than well rested.

A poor night's sleep affects our health and well-being (which affects everything).

At this point in my life - the decade from the age of eight to eighteen - I felt the immense pressure, the weight of the world begin to settle on my shoulders. As an adult and a Feng Shui practitioner, it is so clear to me now that the space contributed to this significantly - the energy forced down on me as I slept.

As my parents marriage crumbled, I could hear the fights through the fan, and I took on that burden without feeling like I could express a thing.

I felt the foundation of a happy childhood falling out from under me, just as I had half a structure of storage under me and half empty (and cluttered) space.

Ultimately, I am ever thankful for the home I grew up in and the decline in my family’s well-being over that decade. Those circumstances inform the work I do today, drive me to continue to create positive change for all the clients I work for, provide stories and insights available to my whole tribe.

I share all of this with you now, because I have... 

...two free, live workshops coming up specific to your bedroom!

Kids bedrooms are one thing - and important to take a look at if your child is experiencing difficulties, as they can certainly impact their health and well-being.

For adults, bedrooms affect not only your quality of sleep - and thus your well-being - but also have an enormous capacity to support or be detrimental to your intimate relationships.

For those of you who have children, the health of your partnership affects not only you and your partner, but reverberates out into your children’s lives as well (whether you think you can hide it or not).

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On Tuesday, March 6, the live workshop will focus on: Setting Up Your Bedroom to Create Deeper Connection in Your Relationship.

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Come learn how to set up your bedroom for success in your relationships.

:) Tenaya