Do you know how to shift your space for the Equinox?

+ TIP SHEET: How to Clean & Clear Your Home with Intention. 


Everything in life comes in cycles. I find myself tuning into these cycles on deeper levels these days. Perhaps it is that I’ve come into my third trimester and feel the force of new life inside of me and a major shift coming.

Over the past year in particular however, these cycles are something I’ve begun to tune into as reference points in my work life as well. When is it a good time to schedule DOING? When is it a better time to slow down?

What results? Easier work flow. Projects coming about effortlessly, rather than pushing through resistance to make something happen. Enjoying the process, the every day. 

These cycles inform the shifts I make to my space and allow opportunities to arise as a result of those shifts.

So today - and over the next few weeks - I’ll share with you a few insights into the cycle we are in (this month is chock-full in that regard) and what that means for you in your space…

How do these cycles correspond to:

  1. Shifts that will be fruitful for you in your physical space
  2. Accommodations you can make in your space to support the life you want,
  3. Creating space for what you desire,
  4. Encouraging your intentions to manifest.

Today is a fantastic time to jump in, because today, as we sit squarely in the middle of March, the New Moon is within reach (Saturday March 17, 2018 - 7am MST).

The New Moon is always a time for introspection - a time to nurture and nourish yourself and those around you, a time to acknowledge endings and new beginnings.

This particular New Moon, however, is one of the most magical for manifesting as it falls at the very end of the astrological year. Every new moon is a time to reset, a second chance: time to set your intentions, your goals, your focus for the month. This New Moon is a time to set these intentions as a cycle comes to a close, as spring and the chance for regrowth shows itself everywhere you look.

See it as another New Year’s Day...

Set intentions,

Make plans,

Reinvent yourself,

Explore the immense possibility that is yours for the picking!

The next three months set the tone for the whole year. This first week of the “year” is a time to DO, but over the next month there is amazing potential for growth when you make plans that are aligned with YOU.

So what can you DO in your space to help make these plans into reality?


Well… there’s another piece of the puzzle (there always is). A few short days after the New Moon, we hit the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere - the start of spring (more on this next week).

In ancient times, to prepare for this pivotal shift, people were sure to cleanse old energy and spaces (through ritual and physical cleaning).


This is where the idea of spring cleaning comes from!

You probably feel it deep down in your bones: the need to pick up, to purge, to sweep the dust and debris from the floor, to reenergize after the darker months of the year.

There is incredible power in deeply cleaning your space, in following your inspiration and moving the couch, in transitioning your space - airing the rugs and collecting the dust bunnies.


According to Feng Shui, those dust bunnies - and all the debris that accumulates on floors and surfaces - is a reflection of the emotional debris (baggage) that has settled (and is still haunting you).

This New Moon, astrologically, is one that may expose old (and often painful) wounds. You may face uncomfortable decisions that disturb balance and harmony.

While it can be uncomfortable or unsettling at first when you feel these shifting sands, transforming your space and uncovering old emotional debris is one way of gaining access to greater self awareness, to the next level of healing in your soul. It allows for unexpected opportunities to learn and develop insights in your life.

As an added bonus, this particular new moon, while it may expose past pain, will also bring rapid healing and growth.

Listen to what your intuition is telling you about your space.

Take action and make the shifts that inspire you.

Clear away the old baggage that surfaces.

Question old habits - do they serve you?

Make a fresh start.


Experiment with and experience new ways to find balance in life.

When you follow your curiosity and inventiveness, flashes of insight and new discoveries will follow. Don’t over think it. Allow this to a fun and exciting time to break away from that which limits your self expression and freedom.

Take a risk. Fortune favors the brave.


To recap:

In your emotional and spiritual life:

Set new intentions - an area of focus - for the month, for the year. Rethink your self, your home, your job, your life. Accept your imperfections. Accept others’ imperfections. Rejuvenate. Share your dreams. The more deeply you commit to your intentions, the more quickly important change comes about in your life. Align with your deepest desires - join the universal flow of ease. Visualize life just the way you want it to be. Recognize the ways it already is.  

In your physical space:

Listen to your inspirations. Rearrange. Let go of weighty furniture you don’t like. Deep clean - with intention (see Tip Sheet below)! Clear your surfaces, dust, sweep up that emotional debris, allow yourself to release what no longer serves you (emotionally, physically). Air out any spaces that are stagnant, that don’t see the light of day, that feel stale. Visualize your increased energy as a result.


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Prepare yourself for this new beginning. Release the old, the dark, the stagnant. Embrace the light, the newness, the growth. You will thank yourself for an entire year ahead.

:) Tenaya