The time is ripe - get clear on what you want this month

Today is the day. Set intentions for the month ahead.

The new moon just passed and we still find ourselves in a deeply intuitive place. This time of inward reflection is often a time when we are less inspired to act. However, right now many of you may be feeling your energy returning like a wave beginning to surge.

Take inspired actions at this auspicious time and watch your momentum build.

I set a page full of intentions on Sunday night as the moon was new. Yesterday, I boiled them down to a few words and put them on lovely pieces of watercolor paper my son painted in is Waldorf inspired school.

I love taking in these little sparks of color and inspiration on my altar as I look ahead to the last full moon cycle without a new baby.

So much to do, to accomplish, and yet the draw to BE, to align, to follow my inspiration is undeniable.

In this world we often feel the two are incompatible: completing tasks and following inspiration. But in this time I am learning about how the two are intimately intertwined... 

...trusting that everything important will get done...

...knowing deeply that everything is always working out in the best way possible.

When you take action from an aligned place of inspiration, amazing things happen:

  • time warps,
  • you tumble into a place where half of your little to-dos are already done or have lost import,
  • you revaluate your priorities and
  • realize how close you are to your goals.
intentions- be inpsired.jpg

What intentions do you have for the month ahead?

With spring dawning in the northern hemisphere, this is a time for incredible optimism and potential for growth. In the southern hemisphere, it’s a time for going inward. With either transition, it's time to act from a place of inspiration.

Boil your intentions down to a few words to bless your altar or your desk or your fridge this month.

Sit in meditation for five minutes. Quiet your mind. Release the tension in your body. Breathe. 

Allow your body to come back to a place of recognizing your own deep inner knowing. These boiled down intentions help me to do just that when I get caught up in the places that don’t feel as good. 

Stay tuned - next up, back to the physical world of how attachment to your things rears its ugly head, even for someone like me, who is well versed in letting go.

Until then, be well,

:) Tenaya

P.s. The last full moon cycle without a baby means this is the last month I am taking on private clients! When your intentions point you towards the need to reevaluate or release in your physical world, drop me an email and we’ll set up a free discovery call to dig down into how to get you where you want to go.