How to easily raise your home's vibration

Do you feel like life is moving at a snail’s pace right now?

Does your motivation feel like molasses?

If so, you’re in good company. Whenever life feels inordinately slow or conflicted (for myself or my clients), I look to astrology to see what sort of planetary influences may be affecting our energy.

With Mercury in retrograde (most of us have heard of this and associate it with negative impacts) until April 15, this is a fantastic time to reorganize and reflect… though not a great time to start major projects.

Turns out, there’s a lot you can intentionally do, and ways you can intentionally be, in this next week to make use of the energy that exists. When Mercury is in retrograde, it's a time when your inner awareness is heightened, where you see the world differently, with a fresh perspective. It is easier to think outside the box, to rework old plans, to experience important revelations.

It is not the perfect time to communicate these revelations. In fact, taking a break from some aspects of communication can reconnect you with others that are just as important (think tuning into your intuitions and the energy of your loved ones rather than feeling the need to ask them to communicate these feelings directly).

I have intuitively been feeling urges to reorganize and reflect in my physical space as well as my mental/emotional world and am doing my utmost to take advantage of those urges, releasing the need to do, to begin, to make amazing progress (progress will have its time after all).

Today I have two concrete ways you too can reorganize and reflect on your space in order to take advantage of this time and prepare yourself to launch when the time comes. 

First and foremost:

It’s time to start thinking differently about your horizontal surfaces - starting from the ground up.

The floor in your home and what it collects is reflective of your emotional world and well-being.

Whenever you sweep or vacuum up the debris that has collected, you are clearing out emotional debris that has settled.

This is not only true for dust and debris however. It is important to look around your space and take note, with fresh eyes, of all the stuff you own that has found a home at the floor level. Some of these items are intentional and some simply landed there and haven’t found another home.

Often, when one thing is placed down at floor level, it has the tendency to collect other things around it.


Like Attracts Like.

Take a look around your space. What lives at ground level? Be honest with yourself, it does you no good to rationalize what is there. First, you must truly see all of those items (as they tend to fade into the background the longer they’ve been there).  

Why is it so important to take note of all the things that have collected on the floor level?

The more stuff you have down at floor level, the more weighed down you will feel, the harder it is to conjure motivation, energy and inspiration.

The more you lift up off the floor (even a small amount, so air can flow under and around objects), the more uplifted you will feel.


I’ll be honest with you, there are still areas of my home that attract more items down at floor level than I would prefer. These tend to be the same areas that collect, even after I clear them out. Or, more often, I’ll clear them out 90%, leaving one or two items to live their permanently, and sure enough, other items will collect there in short order.

In the majority of my home, however, the floor is easy to access in that very little has a permanent home there and thus, energy can flow. I can sweep with ease, without having to work around objects or pick things up to clear this debris.

Finding homes for things off the floor is a fantastic way to raise your energy levels, your vibration - to encourage new ideas and inspiration to act. 

Once you have cleared the path, be sure to sweep and vacuum debris often.

Remember, this debris reflects emotional clutter that you’ve shed, but is still hanging out in your life. Until you clear it out, it still resides in your being. Once you’ve removed it, it will be much easier to release old emotions, or allow unwanted emotions to pass.

This is so much easier to do once you have cleared the way by removing physical items from the floor, thus raising the physical vibration of your space and those who live there.

The one follows the other.

When you’ve made some progress on the first order of business: removing objects from the floor that can find a home elsewhere, it’s time to move on to:

Step two.

Other horizontal surfaces. 

While the floor level is indicative of emotional debris, it is also important to take note of other horizontal surfaces. Whenever items begin to collect on these (dining room tables, coffee tables, desktops, window ledges, etc) it makes it much more difficult to focus.

Your mind easily becomes distracted by what is in your field of vision.

Often, the surfaces that collect the most, are also full or cluttered underneath. For example, a dresser that has jam-packed drawers, will tend to easily collect clutter as well.

As below, so above.

If you are having a hard time keeping surfaces clear, take note of what lies beneath.

Most often, however, the culprit is simply the sheer amount of stuff in your home. This is the case for 90% of the clients that I work with and is a product of the consumer society we live in - not the fault of any one individual or home.

In order to deal with that problem once and for all, you do have to take responsibility and decide to live in a space that fully supports you and your loved ones, that has everything you need (which is actually significantly less than you currently own).

This is the work I do most often through the Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind course I offer once a year. If you’re inspired today, I highly recommend Marie Kondo’s book: the life-changing magic of tidying up.

Clearing horizontal surfaces will have an immense impact on the well-being you experience in your home, on how peaceful and at ease you feel when you enter, on how rejuvenated you feel after spending time there.


For more concrete tips on specific ways you can shift your space in this period beneficial for reorganization and reflection, visit my post: 3 Easy Ways to Clear the Clutter Today


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Enjoy this golden opportunity to reorganize and reflect, 

:) Tenaya