Personal Stylist and founder of joins us to talk about the well edited wardrobe

  • What it means to have a well-edited wardrobe & how to allow yourself to let go of the clothes you'll never wear
  • Finding a few great pieces you can wear again and again--as a part of many outfits
  • Discovering your true style--the uniform that fits your lifestyle the best
  • The connection between self confidence and feeling at home in your wardrobe

bari tessler linden

Financial Therapist, Author of The Art of Money: The Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness: 

What is Your Money Story?

  • Money shame and fear triggers
  • The Body Scan Tool & Integrating it into your life in small chunks, with patience
  • Your Money Story: nature, nurture, lineage
  • Using money to fill unmet needs (physical, emotional, spiritual)

ryan redman--flourish foundation:

Seeing Opportunity in Adversity

  • Resting in the present, without judging
  • Recollection of the impermanent nature of reality brings fullness and richness to every day
  • How getting out for a walk can allow the flow
  • Being okay right where you are 
  • Opening to the difficulty as an opportunity to grow
  • Creating deliberate pauses, sacred spaces--physically and mentally

Salvatore Manzi:  

Manifest your Destiny

  • Learn how to make a Vision Board to help propel you to the future you want to realize
  • What is a 3-D Vision Board?
  • The history of the Bagua in Feng Shui
  • Visit: to learn more!

tenaya kolar: 

Everyday Feng Shui

  • Is your toilet draining away your health? Or your wealth?
  • Setting clear intentions for every aspect of your life. 
  • Feng Shui in the home and workplace.