Do you know how to capture the energy of spring?

Here we are at the Vernal Equinox, where day and night are equal in length. In the northern hemisphere this means the days are getting longer - the balance of light and dark is tipping toward the light as it reemerges into our lives more powerfully every day.

Do you feel it too? These past few weeks there is a palpable feeling of having journeyed through the darkness and into the light.


Spring is here.

You trusted it would arrive and it has.

It feels good.  

Big shifts are about during this transitional time of year - opportunities to look at the balance in your life. In the work I do, there is a palpable balance between RELEASING and RECEIVING.

The two are intimately connected. When you release what no longer serves you, you make space to receive the new opportunities you yearn for. These shifts can be in the physical realm, emotional, spiritual - they intertwine and overlap in beautiful ways.

You may have dived into to Spring Cleaning (if you haven’t, it’s time!).

Purging stagnant, unloved, physical items in your space makes space for inner emotional growth. Processing emotions that no longer serve you - allowing yourself to feel those past hurts, to breathe through them, and to release - creates space for situational opportunities to come into your life (a friend reaching out, an open door).

Let go of that couch you just don’t love and watch the perfect cozy, comfortable replacement easily arrive at your doorstep. It makes no difference where you release, it is the release itself that enables you to receive what you need in any part of your life - something that you had no space for previously.



When you desire A LOT of shift and growth and change in your life - that means it’s time to release A LOT. The easiest place to do that is in the physical realm.

Bring together like items.

Tackle the stuff that has collected on the floors - by category.

Clean out the cupboards.

Clear your surfaces.

Listen to your intuition when it tells you to let go of the chair that feels out of place.

living room - well staged.jpeg

Trust you will have everything you need by releasing what you don’t love, what weighs you down.

These practices will increase your motivation, your energy, your inspiration, bit by bit, just as the light increases.

Open the curtains wide.

Crack the windows (or open them wide if you can).

Let in the light.

Take an epsom salt and essential oil infused bath. 

candlelight bath.jpg
heart incense.jpeg

Clear the energy in your space.

Burn sage.

Light incense.

Put out a bowl of salt to absorb the old energy - then flush it down the toilet 24 hours later.

Use the essential oils you love - in your salt bowl, in a diffuser, on your skin.


You’ve heard me say it before, and you’ll certainly hear me say it again:

When you live your life holding on to the things you need “just in case,” you tell your future self you will not be supported, you won’t have what you need - and that is the reality you manifest. 

When you release what you don’t love, you tell the universe that you trust you will be provided for - and that is the reality you create for yourself.

Allow yourself to trust you will have everything you need.

Allow yourself to live in a space that is clean and clear - that promotes clear thinking. 

clear kitchen.jpeg

Our things are like a crutch we lean on. Old emotions are the same. It all feels comfortable, so we just keep living our lives - holding ourselves back from a better life. When you want inspiration, when you want ease, when you want the life that is worth living… that’s when you have to do things differently than you have before.

Trust is a major theme in the work I do.

Learning to trust you have everything you need.

Learning to trust that you are enough.

Learning to trust that everything is always working out for you.

Release the old, trusting that you are creating space to receive the new. That newness will be even more glorious than you imagined it to be.

What can you release in your physical environment? What area wants to be spring cleaned? There may be many areas and that’s okay.

Pick one little step.

That’s the only way to realize big shifts: one step at a time. Big or small - whatever you’re ready for is right for you. When you know the end goal (what it is you desire in life), you can relax, knowing each step you take from inspiration is getting you closer to that.

This is the time of year to move forward in fresh and positive ways. The ground is preparing for growth, for the miracle of tiny seeds turning into plants and fruit to harvest.

It is time for you to prepare as well… to trust that the seeds you plant will come to fruition.

Every cycle in life gives you a fresh start, a new beginning.

These cycles are glorious in that they never end: they come daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly. There is always a chance on the horizon to seize the energy of the earthly cycle, to capture that momentum, to move forward in your own growth, in your own self realization, in your own ability to be the example you wish to see all around you.

Right now, the cycle is one that creates a renewed sense of energy and focus.

Who doesn't want that? Seize the day.

What is it that you are ready to release - emotionally or physically?

What will this allow you to embrace?

Happy spring!

:) Tenaya

P.S. For those of you who are ready for support to create the space that inspires this trust, this growth that you are ready for, drop me a line. I'm taking on two private clients only between now and the beginning of April. My maternity sabbatical is drawing near!