You still have time to clear the way

Are you still feeling the oncoming energy of spring?

Do you have the urge to clean and clear?

Though the momentum may slow for a few weeks, it’s still a fantastic time to capitalize on the energy - even if it’s just little projects here and there.

When you put in the time - in your space, in your self - you always reap the rewards.

And the rewards at the end of this month, as we come upon the full moon, are immense...

This is the second full moon of the month - thus the title: Blue Moon. March is also the second month this year with two full moons (January was the first, with no full moon in February). We have not had two Blue Moons in one calendar year for 19 years and it won’t happen again for another 19.

Full moons bring strong charged feminine energy, where emotions are at their peak.

You may find closure in matters big and small - ‘Aha’ moments where things you weren’t able to see become quite clear with the ripeness and illumination of the moon.

This is a time where issues rise to the surface that need to be cleared and resolved.

This particular Blue Moon centers around partnerships and relationships.

When concerns bubble to the surface in this manner, sometimes it is because you have cleared a path for them to arise (through purging physically or emotionally)... sometimes it’s because you’ve squashed that urge but the issues bubble their way up despite. The latter is often more volatile, which is why, these past few weeks I’ve been sending you guidance on the baby steps you can take to clear that path while you still have the choice.

You still have a few days to follow your urges!

We are also nearly to Easter and Passover - holidays that have much to do with birth and fertility. Here are some sweet images of Easter's past in my home. 

showing me her bounty.jpg
dash spots the eggs.jpg

This is a time when you can birth a new way of being, where part of you may die in order to become more than you were.

Opportunities abound to release old beliefs, overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable, shift into a new way of being where you’ll never be the same again. This release often inspires renewed belief and confidence in your own intuition and abilities.

Closing the door on an old chapter is bittersweet, but always brings new possibility and hope.

In this slightly sluggish astrological time, you have the golden opportunity to gather your bearings and acclimate to the energy of this new cycle in your life.

Your efforts are coming to fruition. This is the fullest expression of their true nature.

Don’t judge just yet whether this expression feels supportive or not. You may not have the full picture.

Celebrate your achievements.

Let the moonlight into your home.

Bask in its fullness

Recognize the fullness in your own life

What is dawning for you? What can you bring into existance?

Be well, 

:) Tenaya