Do you know how to feel fabulous in your own skin?

Do you know how to feel fabulous in your own skin?

I am one of those women who almost never carries a purse. It wasn’t always that way, though I am thankful to find myself in that category at this point in my life, particularly after listening to the soul-scarring humiliation of being the owner of a messy handbag in “Love, Loss, and What I Wore,” a book turned play I had the joy of attending this week in the small cultural oasis I call home.

This comic tale has deep bouts of sentimentalism and sadness as it weaves through a woman’s life story with pivotal moments remembered by the dresses she wore. Alongside this tale of three marriages, multiple motherhood and the death of a child are comic interludes that portray the humiliation of bra shopping, the familiar feeling of having nothing to wear, the wounding words of a mother.

Why do I share this with you today?

The evening was poignant. Not only did the play uproot and make light of the judgements and double standards we all experience as women trying to find our own sense of self, but I’ve never seen such animated discussion go on in a room of 100 women for so long following a play.

The girlfriends around me asked questions of their own relationships with their mothers, fathers, husbands and bosses--telling stories of how those cultural norms and personal critics got passed down to generations, starting early with questioning how to dress a 2 year old grandchild (“We can’t go out with her dressed like that.”)

It made me think of you all--of my journey as a mom, of my girlfriends from college, of my enduring friendships with the women in my life--of our search for the simple life.

Simplified closets with only the clothing inside that you adore.

Feeling simply fabulous in your own skin.

Simple homes.

Simple pleasures.

Simple happiness.

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[NEW TIP SHEET!] How to improve the health of your space

[NEW TIP SHEET!] How to improve the health of your space

Today, we delve into the Health area of your home and how to create a space that allows you to thrive in good health and happiness.

Did you know that your home can affect the state of your health? If so, you're right! If not, you're not alone. Either way, read on to find out how to set up your home to support the health you want to experience in your life.

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How to achieve health and happiness, the easy way

How to achieve health and happiness, the easy way

Here we are--9 months into our journey through the Bagua Map--on the 9th Gua (or life area):


...smack dab in the middle of the Bagua.

Health touches every aspect of your life: not only on the Bagua Map, but in your daily existence. When you are in good health, you are able to focus on what is important to you in life (being happy, prospering, developing a career path that marries your passions and skills, thriving in your relationships).

The environment where you spend the majority of your time--your home and your workplace--will determine the quality of health you experience in your life. This is true in many regards.

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[VLOG] How toxic is the clutter in your life?

[VLOG] How toxic is the clutter in your life?

This month we tune into your health.

This is the final stop on our journey of the Bagua we've explored over the past 9 months. It is also the most important, the foundation for all the other parts of your life. 

There is NOTHING more important than health. When you're unwell (of body or mind) it is difficult to experience happy relationships, success at work, wealth rolling in, recognition for your strengths. 

Your health is at the center of your happiness, your well-being, your ability to shine forth your strengths. 

The interesting part is that each and every one of our homes is generally full of things that deplete our health (mental and physical), drain our energy and suck our precious time. If you've been following me for long, you can probably guess what I'm talking about... 

Listen in to my latest VLOG to hear the two specific ways you can intentionally bring more flow and energy to your health, your vitality, your ability to THRIVE. 

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[VLOG] What to do about the stuck parts of your life

Each and every one of us has an area of life that feels a bit stuck. Sometimes you are in a place where you are more attuned to the feeling, sometimes life is so busy it's difficult to pay attention to how you feel

The work that I do with my clients is that work of becoming more attuned to how you feel now versus how you want to feel in your ideal existence--no holds barred... and bringing the feeling you want, into your daily life NOW. 

When part of your life is stagnating, you will see a reflection of that in your space, with an area of your home (a closet, a cabinet, a drawer, a basement, a garage) that is also stagnant, with not much energy flowing in. When you don't use a space, that's what happens. 

Thing is, most people have things in their lives that they are intentionally not using, even if they love them. 

In this Vlog, I share with you one powerful way in which you can unstick the stuck parts of your life.

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[NEW TIP SHEET] Helpful People, Community & Travel. Yes please!

[NEW TIP SHEET] Helpful People, Community & Travel. Yes please!

Ever hear the adage, "If you want something done right, do it yourself.”?  My guess is you have. Here in the states--in this very individualistic society--self-sufficiency is seen as a virtue.

In my own journey, this cultural norm has not served me well. I spent a large part of my 20’s (and my 30’s) feeling exactly that way: if I wanted something done to my own standards, I would have to complete the task myself.

And the truth is, it left me feeling alone, with a lack of support around me. That lack of support came from my own limiting belief that no one had my back, that I couldn’t depend on anyone.

I spent frustrated days picking up after everyone, fuming at the fact that no one else seemed to care about the state of our space. Now I can look back and chuckle at how difficult I made things for myself.

Now that we have some semblance of a family routine around our things, now that we are surrounded by only the things that bring us joy (which means significantly less junk clogging the pipes, making life more difficult), now that I accept help more readily, life is easier and more enjoyable.

Now, every day when I sit down to meditate, I can feel the endless and bountiful support that is around me always. I know that help comes to me when I need it, when I accept it and allow it into my life. That feels good.

You always know if a thought is true based on how it feels.

In the ancient tradition of Feng Shui, one of the life areas defined on the Bagua Map is:

Helpful People, Community & Travel

This area has everything to do with the helpful benefactors in your life. It complements (& is related to) the Wealth & Abundance area because in the end, it is that network of people, the relationships you develop that allow abundance to come into your life (abundance of job opportunities, of gifts (monetary and otherwise), of experiences and invitations).

If you are interested in learning more about attracting helpful benefactors into your life, deepening your community and uncovering opportunities for travel, read on as I dive into the Helpful People, Community & Travel area of your life and home and how to set it up in a way that attracts what you want into your life!

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How to bring helpful people into your life

How to bring helpful people into your life

We’ve come nearly full circle around the Bagua Map, beginning with your Journey or Career in life, moving clockwise around to the Helpful People, Community and Travel--our focus this month.

We often give less attention to the Helpful People, Community & Travel area of life than the all important Wealth, Work, Relationships & Health, but it’s influence is vast and important.

Read on to learn more!


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Do you need to lighten up? Me too!

There is something deeply ingrained in our society, our culture, our roots (the puritans so many of us can trace our lineage back to), about what work should look like.

Nose to the grindstone. Doing your duty. Taking one for the team. Work hard to succeed.

I have worked diligently my entire adult life. I’ve raised my own standards and those of the people I’ve worked for. Now that I run my own business, I am my own boss--the CEO of my own company--and my expectations are high.  

I expect to achieve great things. I expect to help those who can benefit from what I offer. I expect to DO... all the tasks I set out to, all the things I say I will.

All of this DOING I have been so good at, overshadowed my own happiness for a stretch (and ultimately my own potential for success).

Turns out, our gifts are only accessible to us when we enjoy the journey.

When did I forget to have fun, to play? When did I learn to take life so seriously? When did I forget to CELEBRATE this life, every day?

Want to celebrate your life everyday? Read on!

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How many tasks do you do, each and every day, simply because you’re supposed to, or you need to, even though those tasks bring up a good deal of resistance?

Be honest.

We all do. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the kind of person who likes to get things done, to check things off my list, to feel like I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. As a human, that feels good.

However, in running my own business, I’ve learned that...

When I do things from a place of resistance, of not wanting to, but feeling like I have to, I NEVER accomplish great things.

It takes ages to make a small amount of progress.

On the other hand, when I align my productivity with my purpose, my passion, my true desires, and work from a place of inspiration, I can perform tasks so much more efficiently while enjoying the process, and... the result has more energy, more inspiration than anything that comes from a place of resistance.

So how do you come to work from an energized and aligned place of inspiration? I’ll tell you how I do it, but first I’ll give you an example from my life, of how sometimes you just have to let go of what you’d imagined, to allow what is happening right in front of you, to happen.

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[NEW TIP SHEET] How to create a space that boosts joy & productivity

[NEW TIP SHEET] How to create a space that boosts joy & productivity

Today, I share with you specific ways to boost the joy, productivity and creativity you experience in your life. 

You may not fully realize it, but all of those things: Joy... Productivity... Creativity, are intimately intertwined with how you feel about the spaces where you spend your time. 

Does your home inspire joy? Does your office create productivity? Is your organization conducive to greater creativity

The joy, creativity, productivity and children area of life is so very important.

Without joy, without creativity, without productivity, you cannot hope to accomplish your dreams. In fact, without these things, you can't even access your dreams, what you desire, what you want most in life. 

Read on as I outline the qualities of this Gua--or life area--and what colors, materials, shapes, images, objects and artwork you can use in that particular space in order to experience greater creativity, productivity and joy in your life. 

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How to access more joy and creativity

How to access more joy and creativity

This month, we focus on the Creativity, Joy, Productivity & Children area of your home and life.

I love this area of life. I probably say that about all 9 of the Guas (they all have so much power in their own rite), but this area, at it’s most aligned feels playful, joy-filled, focused, productive. It doesn’t get any better than that.

At it’s least aligned, this area of life can feel stuck, blocked, resistant, slow, frustrating. But that is true of any area of life that is not functioning at its full capacity.

A client (and mother of 2) once asked me, “I wonder why productivity is grouped in with children?” It’s a good question. Having children in your life can certainly make you feel a lot less productive at work!

Here’s my take:

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[VLOG] What do you want in abundance in your life?

Abundance is a topic I come back to again and again: in my Feng Shui practice, in my life, with my clients. 

In my latest Vlog, I walk you through the steps to...

  • Get clear on what you want in abundance
  • Learn how to intentionally bring Abundance into your life
  • Identify where the Abundance area of YOUR home is

In doing so, we take a look at what the abundance area of YOUR home looks like and if it reflects what you really want in abundance. 

So listen in. Shift your space with intention. Expect great things. 


:) Tenaya

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[PHOTO BLOG] The opportunity that comes from unexpected situations

[PHOTO BLOG] The opportunity that comes from unexpected situations

Sometimes things don't exactly go as planned. Let's be honest... often, things don't happen according to plan. When you allow the flow of flexibility, what does happen tends to be even better than what you originally expected. 

See how this plays out in my space (and how it may play out in your space as well) in my latest PHOTO BLOG, all about the sweet synchronicity of the unexpected. 


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[VLOG] How to attract helpful people into your life

Feng Shui is all about intentionally shifting the energy of your space, intentionally moving physical objects in order to change the energy in your life.

In today's VLOG, I share with you my first hand experience of what happens in your space when it gets stale or stagnant (it happens to the best of us!). 

I also share with you...

  • the biggest thing you can do to intentionally shift the energy of your space,
  • how to set up a high vibration space and
  • when it's best to intentionally shift the energy in your space.

This is Feng Shui boiled down to it's most basic--allowing energy and opportunity to flow into your space and life. 

So think about what stale and stagnant energies are hanging out in your space that no longer serve you? Every time you shift your space or do something differently, it creates openings for you in your life that you couldn't see before. 

Act on your intuitions. Listen in. 

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[VLOG] What happens when you let go of the couch you don't love?

[VLOG] What happens when you let go of the couch you don't love?

Today I share with you a VLOG about shifting your space and the HUGE openings this creates in your life as well as the incredible inspiration and energy you'll find in the process. 

This is a peek into what the process looks like in my space, the resistance that comes up and how ultimate trust leads you to amazing places you never dreamed possible. 

Also, why is it that couches are a magnet for energy that may no longer serve you?!

Looking for a quick shift in your life? Listen in!

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What shift are you looking for in your life?

What shift are you looking for in your life?

Do you ever feel that pull to do things differently than you've done them in the past? The urge to shift your reality into a whole new level of satisfaction? 

I've had this growing urge around a shift in my business, my work-life. It's a shift I am SO excited about, and also one that I feel an incredible amount of resistance around.

"Where we resist change is exactly where we need change the most." --Steve Pavlina

This shift began to play out in my space this past week as well. Read on to hear how you can shift your space, to create and support the transition you're looking for in your life. This is intentional living at its most powerful!

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How to support your relationships with Feng Shui

How to support your relationships with Feng Shui

Today, June 28, 2017 is my 9th wedding anniversary with my dear husband Nathan. We have been married 9 years, together 15. Meeting him--and now raising our family together--is the best thing that ever happened to me.

It’s fitting that our anniversary falls in this month of June where our focus lies squarely on Love & Relationships.

On this memorable day, I want to share with you the Relationship Gua (Area) of our space. The home that we purchased 4 years ago, has inherently good Feng Shui built into the Relationship area, which happens to be in our kitchen.

My relationship with my husband has always been rock solid, which was new for me, having experienced my share of rocky relationships before that. Our temperaments meld in a way that makes our life together easy, fun, passionate. I won’t claim that it is our kitchen that makes our relationship solid, but since we all attract exactly what we put out into the world, it makes sense that we would find a home with favorable Feng Shui in the Relationship area.

I’ll walk you through what I mean exactly when I say the space has inherently good Feng Shui built into the Relationship area. That way you take a look at your space to see if it is fully supporting your relationship.

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{NEW TIP SHEET!} How to shift your space to support your relationships

{NEW TIP SHEET!} How to shift your space to support your relationships

In this month of June, we put our focus on the Loving Relationship area of your life and of your home.

This is one of my favorite areas to focus on because when you are not in sync with your partner (or desire a partner and don’t have one), it has an immense impact on the rest of your life.

I love talking about relationships in relation to Feng Shui & Design because you can you easily shift things about your space to create the harmony you desire. In doing so, you will vastly improve the experience you have in your life as a whole (it's all interconnected). 

Check out the all new Tip Sheet at the bottom specifically designed to help you improve your loving relationships!

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[VLOG] Did you want your life to be so complicated?

If you've been with me for awhile, you are probably becoming more and more aware of the ways in which your environment impacts your well being. 

One area that tends to get A LOT less attention than the other places in your home, is the closet where you house your clothing. 

Why is this area so important? 

It has to do with the sheer repetition of how often we interact with this space. At least twice a day, if not more often, we'll open up our closet, or walk inside to get (un)dressed. The state of that closet will impact how we feel after that experience (uplifted, ready to face the world, or weighed down, with higher stress levels). 

If I told you that there was an easy way for you to reduce the amount of stress you experience every day, wouldn't you want to do that? Heck yes! There are enough ways in which stress comes into our lives. Why not eliminate the environmental stressors? The environment around you and how stressful it is, is something that you have complete control over (yes, even those of you who live with others!). 

Listen in to hear how you can make your life easier, more stress-free. Listen in to the way your environment makes your life so much more complicated. 

The (Pay-What-You-Want) Closet Challenge can get you pointed in the right direction, can create a space that you open up again and again, just to see how amazing it looks (and feels). 

Check it out!!

[VLOG] Do you want your morning to be stress-free?

[VLOG] Do you want your morning to be stress-free?

Think about all the things you do every morning, from your bathroom routine to getting dressed, to habits you have around exercise and your state of mind. 

The closet is one place that gets less attention than it should. This is a space that you open up or walk into each and every day--generally in the morning--in order to get dressed and start your day. 

The environment around you has an immense ability to impact the course of your day.

Does your closet uplift you? Or does it bring you energy down? Do you love each and every article of clothing, or are there some that you're attached to, but never wear or feel uncomfortable in when you do put them on? 

Listen in to hear how one of my clients easily shifted her environment in order to reduce any unnecessary stress she experienced at the beginning of her day. 

You can do this too!

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