Do you need to lighten up? Me too!

There is something deeply ingrained in our society, our culture, our roots (the puritans so many of us can trace our lineage back to), about what work should look like.

Nose to the grindstone. Doing your duty. Taking one for the team. Work hard to succeed.

I have worked diligently my entire adult life. I’ve raised my own standards and those of the people I’ve worked for. Now that I run my own business, I am my own boss--the CEO of my own company--and my expectations are high.  

I expect to achieve great things. I expect to help those who can benefit from what I offer. I expect to DO... all the tasks I set out to, all the things I say I will.

All of this DOING I have been so good at, overshadowed my own happiness for a stretch (and ultimately my own potential for success).

Turns out, our gifts are only accessible to us when we enjoy the journey.

When did I forget to have fun, to play? When did I learn to take life so seriously? When did I forget to CELEBRATE this life, every day?

Some days I am still very much in the throws of this journey towards accepting when my powers of BEING need strengthening and when is the time to get sh*t done.

With the total Solar Eclipse that passed through totality here on Monday, I have become privy to some powerful lessons around these cycles.

More on that in a moment, but first let me pause to say, WOW.

eclipse awe antiqued.jpg

Now I know why there are people who chase a total eclipse, now I know why there was a mass migration into the path of totality across the entire United States.

It is other-worldly to feel the temperature sink as the sun’s rays begin to be obscured by the moon (though you can only “see” it with your own eyes through your nifty eclipse glasses). It felt like an oncoming storm, though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

halo and horizon.jpg

The totality itself was amazingly beautiful, the one time in your life when you can stare unabashedly at the sun. The moon in front of that giant ball of fire, with a halo, a glow surrounding it so beautiful, so energizing, so inspiring, we heard the calls of wonder from groups of people we had forgotten were around us.

My camera hardly does it justice, but it's fun to have photographic evidence all the same!

My camera hardly does it justice, but it's fun to have photographic evidence all the same!

I have always believed in the art of astrology. Feeling the depth of truth to it runs in my family. But it was the first time in my life when I felt a clear energy shift from an astronomical event.

The weeks leading up to the eclipse felt unsettled, restless, uncertain. Clear endings were happening all around me. I could feel the pull to close those old doors, to allow myself to let go. And yet I resisted, didn’t fully want to let go (even when I was unclear on what was departing, or it seemed like it was time).

Experiencing the solar eclipse in totality created a decisive energetic shift, in myself, in the people around me. It was energizing with a huge dose of surrender.

Everything in the world felt right, in alignment, from the perfect alignment of the earth and the moon and the sun--a statistical impossibility. It gifted me that greater consciousness, the ability to remove myself from the struggles and note what a tiny atom I am in this great big universe. 

All of a sudden it felt easy to let go of old ways of being, like there was no other path.

waiting for it.jpg

Today, of course, I am back to the struggle, the rise of my own limiting beliefs that I am so ready to let go of. But that is the nature of deeply ingrained patterns. They do not go away overnight, only when you are ready will they disperse.

Much wisdom came through the virtual women’s circle I was a part of early in the week. If you didn’t check it out, but it sparked your interest, I highly recommend you do so. You can still access the teachings from these 7 ladies who have so much to offer (don’t mind if I toot my own horn :)).

If you are ready to shift or let go of something that no longer serves you, now is the time! The energies for letting go, for shifting your reality are still particularly strong this week and next.

Every New Moon is a powerful time to surrender to your intuition--that powerful wisdom within each of us--to deeply care for and nurture yourself. This particular New Moon and total Eclipse of the Sun is a particularly powerful portal for releasing what no longer serves, for allowing yourself to let go and jump into the unknown.

This portal of time is available to us through September 5, at which point, it will be time to jump into the action, the doing.

Right now is the time for strengthening your inner reserves, for building confidence and courage. The Full Moon on September 6 will bring us the strength and energy to overcome and as the moon wanes again it will be time for reflection, reevaluation, guiding yourself back home. And so the cycle continues.

I feel this need for reflection, for fluidity and dreaming so intensely right now, I couldn’t spring into action if I wanted to, nor would it be advisable. So often, we jump to the doing part before we fully feel into our dreams and desires. That leads us to get partway through a project, and when the going gets tough, we realize we didn’t actually want this anyway.

Wouldn’t you rather give the time a dream deserves on the front end--to listen deeply to what your intuition tells you--and then follow the inspired actions that arise, like breadcrumbs towards your desired reality?

I am still sinking fully into the TRUST piece. Knowing that when I allow myself this time now to vision, to dream, to get clear on what I want--what that looks like and feels like--that I will have the energy and motivation to take the inspired actions necessary to make my dream a reality.

This is a process of testing the waters around what beliefs I’ve held about work, about accomplishing great things, about the care I now lavish on myself.

I recognize in my rational mind that there is a better path than the one where I push through resistance. That path is rocky and rough going… and not very inspiring.

As I take the time this week to sink deep, to dig, to uncover, to allow myself to purge and let go, it feels oh so right... and hard. Some deeply ingrained beliefs are rising to the surface, around working hard to succeed. Immense guilt comes from taking this time for myself (when I could be “working”).

Testing those waters and getting the kind of clarity that lights me up, makes me smile with pleasure, breathe deeply with contentment, makes me realize how my own beliefs have held me back. I realize that my life’s work will be joyful. It will be ENjoyable. I will find deep satisfaction in my work AND I will achieve my goals. I will make other people’s lives better as I raise my own bar.

I already do and feel these things.

And yet, that shift does not come automatically. The cultural cues, the “What did you get done/do today?” questions are a reflection of my own ingrained beliefs... the guilt that comes when I don’t complete all that I set out to do each day. Those are the thoughts that arise and, when I sink into them, they hold me back from living my highest potential.

What is it that your deep intuition is calling you to shift right now? What deeply ingrained beliefs are you ready to let go of? What can you surrender to in your life? Where can you lighten up? How can you better support and care for yourself?

In the same realm... Are you feeling called to let go of any physical items you own? Heed the call! Releasing in the material realm is a powerful way to also release what no longer serves you in the inner realm. The two are deeply interconnected.

Want to sink into this clarity with support? Drop me a line ( and we’ll schedule a time to talk, a time for you to dream big and look ahead to what you want to bring forth into your life.

Your desires show you the path to your own happiness. Will you listen?

Here's to following your own intuition,

:) Tenaya




How many tasks do you do, each and every day, simply because you’re supposed to, or you need to, even though those tasks bring up a good deal of resistance?

Be honest.

We all do. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the kind of person who likes to get things done, to check things off my list, to feel like I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. As a human, that feels good.

However, in running my own business, I’ve learned that...

When I do things from a place of resistance, of not wanting to, but feeling like I have to, I NEVER accomplish great things.

It takes ages to make a small amount of progress.

On the other hand, when I align my productivity with my purpose, my passion, my true desires, and work from a place of inspiration, I can perform tasks so much more efficiently while enjoying the process, and... the result has more energy, more inspiration than anything that comes from a place of resistance.

So how do you come to work from an energized and aligned place of inspiration? I’ll tell you how I do it, but first I’ll give you an example from my life, of how sometimes you just have to let go of what you’d imagined, to allow what is happening right in front of you, to happen.

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[NEW TIP SHEET] How to create a space that boosts joy & productivity

[NEW TIP SHEET] How to create a space that boosts joy & productivity

Today, I share with you specific ways to boost the joy, productivity and creativity you experience in your life. 

You may not fully realize it, but all of those things: Joy... Productivity... Creativity, are intimately intertwined with how you feel about the spaces where you spend your time. 

Does your home inspire joy? Does your office create productivity? Is your organization conducive to greater creativity

The joy, creativity, productivity and children area of life is so very important.

Without joy, without creativity, without productivity, you cannot hope to accomplish your dreams. In fact, without these things, you can't even access your dreams, what you desire, what you want most in life. 

Read on as I outline the qualities of this Gua--or life area--and what colors, materials, shapes, images, objects and artwork you can use in that particular space in order to experience greater creativity, productivity and joy in your life. 

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How to access more joy and creativity

How to access more joy and creativity

This month, we focus on the Creativity, Joy, Productivity & Children area of your home and life.

I love this area of life. I probably say that about all 9 of the Guas (they all have so much power in their own rite), but this area, at it’s most aligned feels playful, joy-filled, focused, productive. It doesn’t get any better than that.

At it’s least aligned, this area of life can feel stuck, blocked, resistant, slow, frustrating. But that is true of any area of life that is not functioning at its full capacity.

A client (and mother of 2) once asked me, “I wonder why productivity is grouped in with children?” It’s a good question. Having children in your life can certainly make you feel a lot less productive at work!

Here’s my take:

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[VLOG] What do you want in abundance in your life?

Abundance is a topic I come back to again and again: in my Feng Shui practice, in my life, with my clients. 

In my latest Vlog, I walk you through the steps to...

  • Get clear on what you want in abundance
  • Learn how to intentionally bring Abundance into your life
  • Identify where the Abundance area of YOUR home is

In doing so, we take a look at what the abundance area of YOUR home looks like and if it reflects what you really want in abundance. 

So listen in. Shift your space with intention. Expect great things. 


:) Tenaya

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[PHOTO BLOG] The opportunity that comes from unexpected situations

[PHOTO BLOG] The opportunity that comes from unexpected situations

Sometimes things don't exactly go as planned. Let's be honest... often, things don't happen according to plan. When you allow the flow of flexibility, what does happen tends to be even better than what you originally expected. 

See how this plays out in my space (and how it may play out in your space as well) in my latest PHOTO BLOG, all about the sweet synchronicity of the unexpected. 


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[VLOG] How to attract helpful people into your life

Feng Shui is all about intentionally shifting the energy of your space, intentionally moving physical objects in order to change the energy in your life.

In today's VLOG, I share with you my first hand experience of what happens in your space when it gets stale or stagnant (it happens to the best of us!). 

I also share with you...

  • the biggest thing you can do to intentionally shift the energy of your space,
  • how to set up a high vibration space and
  • when it's best to intentionally shift the energy in your space.

This is Feng Shui boiled down to it's most basic--allowing energy and opportunity to flow into your space and life. 

So think about what stale and stagnant energies are hanging out in your space that no longer serve you? Every time you shift your space or do something differently, it creates openings for you in your life that you couldn't see before. 

Act on your intuitions. Listen in. 

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[VLOG] What happens when you let go of the couch you don't love?

[VLOG] What happens when you let go of the couch you don't love?

Today I share with you a VLOG about shifting your space and the HUGE openings this creates in your life as well as the incredible inspiration and energy you'll find in the process. 

This is a peek into what the process looks like in my space, the resistance that comes up and how ultimate trust leads you to amazing places you never dreamed possible. 

Also, why is it that couches are a magnet for energy that may no longer serve you?!

Looking for a quick shift in your life? Listen in!

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What shift are you looking for in your life?

What shift are you looking for in your life?

Do you ever feel that pull to do things differently than you've done them in the past? The urge to shift your reality into a whole new level of satisfaction? 

I've had this growing urge around a shift in my business, my work-life. It's a shift I am SO excited about, and also one that I feel an incredible amount of resistance around.

"Where we resist change is exactly where we need change the most." --Steve Pavlina

This shift began to play out in my space this past week as well. Read on to hear how you can shift your space, to create and support the transition you're looking for in your life. This is intentional living at its most powerful!

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How to support your relationships with Feng Shui

How to support your relationships with Feng Shui

Today, June 28, 2017 is my 9th wedding anniversary with my dear husband Nathan. We have been married 9 years, together 15. Meeting him--and now raising our family together--is the best thing that ever happened to me.

It’s fitting that our anniversary falls in this month of June where our focus lies squarely on Love & Relationships.

On this memorable day, I want to share with you the Relationship Gua (Area) of our space. The home that we purchased 4 years ago, has inherently good Feng Shui built into the Relationship area, which happens to be in our kitchen.

My relationship with my husband has always been rock solid, which was new for me, having experienced my share of rocky relationships before that. Our temperaments meld in a way that makes our life together easy, fun, passionate. I won’t claim that it is our kitchen that makes our relationship solid, but since we all attract exactly what we put out into the world, it makes sense that we would find a home with favorable Feng Shui in the Relationship area.

I’ll walk you through what I mean exactly when I say the space has inherently good Feng Shui built into the Relationship area. That way you take a look at your space to see if it is fully supporting your relationship.

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{NEW TIP SHEET!} How to shift your space to support your relationships

{NEW TIP SHEET!} How to shift your space to support your relationships

In this month of June, we put our focus on the Loving Relationship area of your life and of your home.

This is one of my favorite areas to focus on because when you are not in sync with your partner (or desire a partner and don’t have one), it has an immense impact on the rest of your life.

I love talking about relationships in relation to Feng Shui & Design because you can you easily shift things about your space to create the harmony you desire. In doing so, you will vastly improve the experience you have in your life as a whole (it's all interconnected). 

Check out the all new Tip Sheet at the bottom specifically designed to help you improve your loving relationships!

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[VLOG] Did you want your life to be so complicated?

If you've been with me for awhile, you are probably becoming more and more aware of the ways in which your environment impacts your well being. 

One area that tends to get A LOT less attention than the other places in your home, is the closet where you house your clothing. 

Why is this area so important? 

It has to do with the sheer repetition of how often we interact with this space. At least twice a day, if not more often, we'll open up our closet, or walk inside to get (un)dressed. The state of that closet will impact how we feel after that experience (uplifted, ready to face the world, or weighed down, with higher stress levels). 

If I told you that there was an easy way for you to reduce the amount of stress you experience every day, wouldn't you want to do that? Heck yes! There are enough ways in which stress comes into our lives. Why not eliminate the environmental stressors? The environment around you and how stressful it is, is something that you have complete control over (yes, even those of you who live with others!). 

Listen in to hear how you can make your life easier, more stress-free. Listen in to the way your environment makes your life so much more complicated. 

The (Pay-What-You-Want) Closet Challenge can get you pointed in the right direction, can create a space that you open up again and again, just to see how amazing it looks (and feels). 

Check it out!!

[VLOG] Do you want your morning to be stress-free?

[VLOG] Do you want your morning to be stress-free?

Think about all the things you do every morning, from your bathroom routine to getting dressed, to habits you have around exercise and your state of mind. 

The closet is one place that gets less attention than it should. This is a space that you open up or walk into each and every day--generally in the morning--in order to get dressed and start your day. 

The environment around you has an immense ability to impact the course of your day.

Does your closet uplift you? Or does it bring you energy down? Do you love each and every article of clothing, or are there some that you're attached to, but never wear or feel uncomfortable in when you do put them on? 

Listen in to hear how one of my clients easily shifted her environment in order to reduce any unnecessary stress she experienced at the beginning of her day. 

You can do this too!

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[VLOG] Do you absolutely adore your clothing?

[VLOG] Do you absolutely adore your clothing?

Do you absolutely adore all of your clothing? 

There are very few people who can say a resounding 'Yes!' to that question.

Think about it. Are you holding on to clothes you might wear someday (when you have a different job or lifestyle, when you lose 10 pounds)? 

When you hold on to the clothing you might wear someday, you are effectively telling your future self that you will not be supported, that what you need will not come your way--and that is the future you create for yourself.

Is that the mindset you want to have about your future? Of course not!

And yet, we all hold on to so many things for that very reason. There is a whole world of psychology around that phenomenon, that I won't get into right now (I may find it more fascinating than you do!). 

Listen in as I share with you the immense transformation that happened to me when I finally let go of the clothing (just the clothing) that I didn't love, that no longer served me. 

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How to bring on the ease and spaciousness!

How to bring on the ease and spaciousness!

I work with a lot of people who are constantly in a rush, running from one thing to the next, late nine times out of ten. There’s no time for anything new, there’s not even time to be right here, in the present. I understand that state of being because that’s what my life used to feel like too.

How we got from there to this place of ease and time for what we love, has been a journey in deliberate choices for an intentional lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong, life is still full. My husband and I have full time careers; life with two kids is never dull; I serve on the board of my son’s school and have groups of women that I gather with regularly.

This past month, in fact, I had an experience that highlighted for me just how full life is.

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[VLOG] What's keeping YOU from the life you dream of?

I have a big hard truth for you today. 

One of the biggest reasons you may not be living your dream life, fully satisfied in all areas of your life, is because you get accustomed to life being just okay

But who wants to settle for okay? Not me. Not you, I imagine. 

When I help clients create the environment around them that allows them to more fully thrive, I find that another HUGE reason why people are not enthusiastically enjoying the journey of life is because they have limiting beliefs constantly swirling in their thought patterns--often subconsciously. We all do. 

In today's mini-VLOG, I share with you 3 questions you can ask yourself to help bring the beliefs that limit you--that hold you back in life--into your awareness, so you can really ask yourself if the subconscious beliefs you hold are true (hint: 75% of the time, they are not).  

I'm also sharing with you an incredible opportunity to to get the transformation you're looking for in your life--around the health of your body, mind & space (this is the foundation for happiness).

Be sure to check it out!

[VLOG] How to change your space to improve your health

Tune in to this short VLOG on how your space is interconnected with the health you experience in  your body & mind.

When you experience a healthy body & mind, you are happier, more satisfied, and able to enjoy life. That's what we're all really after!

Click below to learn more about the 3-part LIVE Video Training if you're ready to improve the health of your body, mind & space!

[VLOG] Are you wasting your time, energy & money on your space?

Those are probably words you never thought someone who devotes her life's work to spaces, would say!!

But really, we do. Our spaces are incredible time sucks, incredible drains on our energy and time. 

My goal is to help YOU create supportive spaces that allow you free up your time, your energy and your money so you can focus on what really matters in life (and feel great about your space when you get back home :)). 

Listen in to hear how you may be wasting YOUR time, energy & money on your space and what you can do about that!

Interested in dealing with your stuff once and for all so you can spend your precious time in EXACTLY the ways you believe are important? Heck yes!

Head on over to Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind to see if this community is right for you. The transformation begins May 1...

If you're on the fence, or aren't sure if the course is the right fit for you, I'm more than happy to hop on the phone to talk. Check out my online scheduler to find a good time for you!

Happy Spring!!

:) Tenaya

[VLOG] Are your things attracting more of what you DON'T WANT into your life?

Did you know that your THINGS have the power to attract more things just like them? 

This is the scientific Law of Attraction that Like-Attracts-Like. 

Take a look around your space. Do you want MORE of what you see? 

Listen in to my latest mini-VLOG to hear more about what this looks like in action--in your physical space, as well as in your mental world of thoughts--and what you can do to create a space that attracts EXACTLY the things that you want into your life. 

One thing you can do right now, is be sure to register for the Free Masterclass where we'll talk about all 5 Ways to Create a Home that Reflects & Allows-in the Life You Really Want.

For those of you who can't make it live, you will receive a replay. 

See you in the class!

:) Tenaya